As of Monday (Jan. 24) morning, MTV lost a few more advertisers on “Skins.” 
At least six sponsors have pulled their ads from the show – which, we’re sure they all did at least in part from boycott threats and the Parents Television Council’s (PTC) claims that the show violates child porn laws.
And amid all this rancor, MTV’s lesbian character, Tea’s episode airs next. 
Sofia Black D’elia, who we spoke to about playing Tea, appeared on Popeater writer Rob Shuter’s HDnet talk show, “Naughty But Nice with Rob,” and commented on the controversy.
“It’s not necessarily the big things you’d assume would upset people,” D’elia says. “It’s kind of because everyone in our cast is under 20. So, that immediately puts people on edge, because these are real teenagers doing these things.”
She then adds, “It’s what teens are doing. It’s the way teenagers believe,” she says. “I think, especially you know in certain situations when you come from home lives where your parents don’t really support you or really listen to you. That’s what most of these kids are going through.”
Each episode of “Skins” (like the British version) is titled and focuses on one character from the crew. The first revolved around Tony.
Watch a preview of “Tea”:

Could Tea’s episode lead to more pulled ads?
“Skins” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.
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