There’s always a lot of doubt that Americans can replicate what made UK shows great. 
We saw it with NBC’s “The Office” and now we’re seeing it with Starz new “Torchwood” reboot. So, obviously, MTV has invited criticism with its adaptation of the British teen hit, “Skins.”
Bryan Elsley, the co-creator of the UK version, who jumped across the pond to executive produce MTV’s version wants to make both the similarities and the differences between the two shows clear.
“The American version will have some similarities,” Elsley tells Zap2it. “And there will be some common character names and some characteristics that people will recognize. But, I have a very young all-American writing team back in New York and they are hard at work busily changing stuff around. So, I guess the first couple of episodes will be recognizable to people and then you will see some very new stuff.”

skins mtv cast 2 'Skins' USA preview: EP Bryan Elsley on combining the best of both worlds

In fact, what will create this “new stuff” is part of what made the UK version so real for its fans in the first place. The producing team regularly consults with panels of actual teenagers.
“There are many teenagers who come and talk to us about what they think,” he says. “They read our material, process it, and tell us how we can improve it. And our writers room is just full of teenagers all the time.”

So as the season progresses, Elsley explains to us, the American teenagers will add their spin to the series, molding it and giving the new series its unique American voice. 
Watch MTV’s latest teasers and a preview for “Skins” below:

Are you looking forward to seeing the Yankee take on “Skins”? 

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