liam dunne skydiver Skydiver survives 13,000 foot fall after parachute fails

If anyone knows about living an extreme lifestyle, that person is Liam Dunne. Dunne was skydiving in New Zealand when, according to the Telegraph, he went into an uncontrollable spin, after his canopy opened normally, and it had to be cut free. He couldn’t locate the handles to his reserve chute and Dunne, a seasoned skydiver with over 4,000 jumps, had no choice but to fall to the earth. There’s no way he expected to survive the landing, but what’s exactly what happened.
“Those last 1,000 feet it was like, ‘here we go, this is it.’ It wasn’t nice,” Dunne says, but miraculously at about 748 feet above the ground, he found the reserve chute handle and pulled it. However, it was too late to slow him down. “Luckily I hit the softest patch of ground on the whole airfield,” he says, “I bounced hard and my whole left side went numb.”
He says it felt like he’d broken every bone in his body, and couldn’t breathe. When his friend landed next to him, she reassured him he was alive. His back is broken, but after three months of rehabilitation, he should be able to walk again. No word on if he plans to continue skydiving.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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