skyfall-mistakesDaniel Craig might be perfect, but “Skyfall” is not. has tallied 35 mistakes in the latest James Bond blockbuster, putting it in second place behind “Men in Black III” (63 errors) in the 2012 list of the most error-filled movies of the year. (“The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” tied for third with 24 gaffes apiece.)

Despite the continuity, factual and other errors (enumerated below), “Skyfall” might have the last laugh: It just received a Producers Guild Award nomination — the first for a 007 film and fueling speculation that it could earn an Oscar nod for Best Picture.

The 35 “Skyfall” errors noted by MovieMistakes, grouped by type:

Continuity Errors

  • In the opening chase scene 007 rides his bike against the wall of the bridge. The bike bounces back, but in the next shot it is catapulting over the wall, tumbling over and over.
  • When M goes to see Mallory at the start of the film, he pours her a drink and places the bottle on the table with the label facing the camera. The label is off center and more to the left — when M leaves the bottle has not been moved and the label is still facing the camera, but the label is now more to the right.
  • When on the motorbike on the rooftops of Istanbul, Bond at first has no sunglasses on, then sunglasses on, then no sunglasses.
  • When Bond is fighting on top of the train at the beginning of the film, his footwear changes from black lace-up shoes to black slip-on ankle boots.
  • Just before Bond confronts the assassin in the high-rise building, Bond pulls his gun. You can see that the lights on his gun are green, however Bond is wearing leather gloves and the gun is set to activate only upon reading his unique palm print — impossible while wearing gloves.
  • Just before Bond reaches the chapel, he plunges into icy water. In the next scene, in the chapel, he is perfectly dry.
  • In the scene where M is being driven back to the MI6 building, her car is stopped on a bridge and you see two cars stopping behind M’s vehicle while she is still inside. She then gets out of the vehicle to speak to a police officer who requested that the car stop, and now two different vehicles are behind.
  • In the scene where M is asked to retire from MI6, she puts down her glass and gets up to leave. She picks up her coat from the back of the chair but leaves her bag on the floor. In the next shot, the bag is no longer there.
  • We don’t see where Moneypenny shot Bond, and are never told later in the film, but no wound is visible when he is swimming, or when Silva undoes his shirt — only the wound he got on the train in the right shoulder.
  • When Silva places the glass of whiskey on the girl’s head, the liquid is full to the brim in some shots, or a finger below in others.
  • When Bond is drinking Macallan in M’s apartment, he set the bottle down with the label facing away from us. Next shot has the bottle facing towards us. Final shot and the bottle is back in its original position, with the label away from us again.
  • When Bond confronts the assassin and lets him fall to his death from the building in Shanghai, he then looks over to the opposite window where Severine is standing in the smashed window hole, her hair blowing in the breeze. When it cuts to the close-up of her leaving you can see the light reflected in the window glass that has magically reappeared.
  • While talking with Severine in the casino bar, Bond gets his martini in a frozen glass. He picks it up, the camera’s point of view changes, and the glass is now completely unfrozen.
  • In the scene where the assassin is about to go up in the elevator the 3rd button down on the right has been pressed and is lit. As the elevator closes the button is no longer lit.
  • In the Istanbul chase scene at the start of the movie, Eve knocks out the windshield of the car she’s driving, which comes out in more or less one solid piece. For the rest of the chase, about half the glass is suddenly back in the frame. Also, although she cracked the windshield all over to facilitate its removal, the leftover glass is later basically unbroken.
  • In the scene in the National Gallery early on in the film where Bond meets Q, there is a line of bench seats. Bond is sitting on the end of one benches looking at a painting. The shot is from behind. Q comes and sits on the adjacent bench next to Bond. You can see the gap between the two benches between the pair. Then the shot changes to a front view as they start talking. But suddenly there is no gap in the bench in between them, they are both sitting on the same bench, the gap is now to Bond’s left.
  • In the scene where Bond is chasing Silva in the Underground, he leaps over the emergency buttons and slides down the escalator panel. Initially you can see the emergency buttons at the bottom of the escalator, which would have broken his slide, however, these “disappear” as Bond slides smoothly off the panel at the bottom. (See deliberate “mistake” below.)
  • About a third of the way through, Bond is in a black car, being driven somewhere in London. In the first shot of the black car driving on the street, there is a white car behind. Then there is a close-up of Bond in the black car through the window. In this shot there is a black car behind Bond’s car. The next shot (back to the whole car) the white car is behind Bond’s car again.

Factual Errors

  • In the opening scene on the train, the coupling is shot away and the rear wagon separates, rupturing the continuous brake pipe — which would cause both halves of the train to stop immediately.
  • In the car scene just before the MI6 explosion, invalid IPv4 addresses (with digits larger than 255) are displayed on the laptop screen.
  • When there is a BBC News Report for the BBC News at 10 (clock bottom right) the wrong news studio is used. They also used the wrong opening standing position. The studio shown is for the BBC News at 6 p.m., and the position used is only used for the intro after the halfway segment, not the lead headline.
  • In one of the tube train scenes, the destination blind shows “Wimbledon.” This is a terminus on the London Underground for the District Line, a sub-surface line. No deep-level London Underground line with the rolling stock shown in the film serves Wimbledon.
  • Bond and Silva travel from Temple station on the District/Circle line, which is a sub-surface line that has square tunnels (dug out from above and then covered over) and uses large trains with an almost square cross-section. However, the train they board is of the type used on the deep-level lines (e.g. Northern and Jubilee lines), smaller and almost cylindrical in shape, and is seen to fit snugly into the cylindrical tube tunnel as the train leaves the station. They therefore can’t be traveling on the District/Circle line, and must be on a deep-level line instead. The disused Jubilee line platforms at Charing Cross are often used for filming, and photographs available online show one such platform recently dressed as Temple station.
  • James Bond is seen driving down Whitehall in London. Behind him a number 38 bus is seen. However the 38 does not travel down or indeed particularly near Whitehall. This was probably done to show off the new Routemaster bus, which is currently only used on the 38 route.
  • When Bond drives M away in the Jaguar XJ, police cars can be seen driving towards them when he speeds around the corner. The Volvo police car in front has two yellow dots on the top of the windscreen which mean armed response, but on the roof there is a circle, which means traffic/incident response. The aerial roof marking symbol should have been a five-edged star for armed response. Metropolitan police don’t even use Volvos for armed response. They use BMW 5 series and X5s.
  • M is called to a House of Commons Committee — Commons Committees are staffed by “backbenchers” (members of parliament not in government), but present here are a minister and a civil servant (Fiennes).
  • The pursuit scenes along the train tracks leading west from Istanbul show mountains and even trestles and tunnels which do not exist. The true scenery is quite boring.
  • Deliberate “Mistake”
  • The VW Beetles on the train are parked side-by-side. Cars are never loaded like this — they would be end-to-end to stop them overhanging the wagon and hitting passing objects. They’re only positioned like that to facilitate driving the digger over them later.
  • In the chase through the tube station, Bond and Silva both slide down between the escalators. On the London Underground this area has hard vertical signs at regular intervals, precisely to prevent people sliding down. (See continuity error, above.)


  • At the end of the film, Bond is standing on the roof. The time seen on Big Ben is 5.55, and there’s loads of traffic in the background as well. He returns downstairs with Moneypenny and Tanner appears from M’s office saying “Morning, 007.” If it was morning in the winter months (Scotland having frozen lakes), it would be dark and not daylight that early.
  • As Bond chases Patrice over the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul at the start of the film, in the close-ups of Daniel Craig his tie can be seen noticeably flapping over his shoulder (as you would expect). But in the long shots with the stuntman it doesn’t move about at all, presumably having been fixed in place for safety.


  • The Caterpillar digger on the train carriage is too large to fit through the tunnels later on in the train fight.
  • The cars used in the chase in Istanbul have French license plates.
  • In the bar with Bond drinking and watching television he reaches over for a bottle which is 80 percent full. He pours a small amount into his glass and watches the TV. In the next shot the bottle is only about 20 percent full.
  • The DB 5 drives from wet London to a wintery remote part of Scotland, and it’s totally clean. The wheels and the bodywork are spotless when they drive into the grounds of the house.
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