sean connery skyfall 'Skyfall' trivia: Sean Connery almost had a role in the new James Bond film

Many will argue that Daniel Craig rivals Sean Connery as being the best James Bond around, but did you know that they almost starred alongside one another in the latest 007 flick, “Skyfall”? Director Sam Mendes revealed that fun little tidbit during a recent interview while promoting the movie.

The role that Connery could have had was ultimately taken by Albert Finney, who plays — spoiler alert! — the keeper of the Bond family estate. Mendes had originally though of asking Connery, the original James Bond, to take the role, but ultimately decided against it.

“There was a definite discussion about that — way, way early on,” Mendes tells The Huffington Post. “But I think that’s problematic. Because, to me, it becomes too … it would take you out of the movie. Connery is Bond and he’s not going to come back as another character. It’s like, he’s been there. So, it was a very brief flirtation with that thought, but it was never going to happen, because I thought it would distract.”

Of course, Connery is in retirement right now, so there’s no guarantee he would have even gone for the role. “Skyfall” is in theaters now, and recently had the best opening of any Bond movie ever.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz