sleepy hollow john noble the sin eater 'Sleepy Hollow': John Noble actually eats sins in 'The Sin Eater'When you found out the title of the latest episode of “Sleepy Hollow” was “The Sin Eater,” did you think that the titular character would actually be a literal interpretation of those words? Well, considering this show has been crazy from Day 1, we probably should have.

Yet here we are, John Noble is sopping up blood with a piece of bread like it’s balsamic vinegar at an Italian restaurant, and we’ve added a whole new layer of confusing to the mythology of our favorite bananas new fall show.

“Sleepy Hollow” took a three-week hiatus, but thankfully it came back with just as much humor, drama, and “WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED” moments as ever. Ichabod was kidnapped by a mysterious group, which turned out to be the Freemasons, of which he’s a member. They wanted to cut Ichabod’s blood tie with Headless, which they wanted to do by having him kill himself.

In Abby’s quest to find Ichabod, she first was visited by Katrina (damn Katrina, you can’t come to Abby when she’s doing something sedentary? Or at least a little less dangerous than driving?), which led her to find a man known as the Sin Eater (birth name: Henry Parrish), who turned out to be your favorite “Fringe” oddball.

Thankfully, Abby got Parrish to come to Sleepy Hollow and unlink Ichabod and Headless a different way: by literally eating his blood. (A Sin Eater, by the way, is “a person who has the power to cleans the wicked of their sins” and “reaches in your soul and swallows your sins.” The reaching part was more metaphorical: Parrish actually sliced open Ichabod’s hand and drank some blood that way.)

Ichabod and Headless are now un-linked, Ichabod revealed that he’s actually a Freemason, John Noble played an awesome weirdo who we hope sticks around more, and Abby and Ichabod got closer than ever — he even used her first name!

What did you think of “The Sin Eater”? What does this mean for Ichabod? And which junior Mason’s job is it to light 600 candles for ambiance in the Freemason lair?

Posted by:Jean Bentley