sleepy hollow season 2 trailer 'Sleepy Hollow' Season 2 gets a darker new promoThe creepy new promo for “Sleepy Hollow” Season 2 isn’t going to do much to alleviate the wait until the Sept. 17 premiere, because it is so epic you will want all of the episodes RIGHT NOW. It is, however, awesome, and something you should probably watch.

This spot emphasizes the darker elements of the series while also including some of that trademark “Sleepy” humor. “My wife is now a captive of the Horseman of Death, and the Horseman of War is my son,” Ichabod Crane elucidates so bluntly between footage of scary stuff happening.

Then there’s a fist bump with Abbie, who’s got some jokes: “On the bright side, we’re not dead yet,” she says. Detective Abbie Mills, always the optimist. Check out the video below.

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2 Promo – Evil Takes Hold by dreadcentral

Posted by:Jean Bentley