sleepy hollow season 2 tom mison nicole beharie interview fox 'Sleepy Hollow' Season 2: Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie preview family drama and more“Sleepy Hollow” Season 2 has to somehow deal with the fact that it left Ichabod and Abby in a coffin and in Purgatory, respectively, at the end of the Season 1 finale. Zap2it caught up with stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Monday (June 2) and asked them how Season 2 might go.

Check out their answers here.

So how is Ichabod getting out of that box?

Mison: With great difficulty! It’s very tricky. Just bang and shout a lot …

Assuming they both make it back to our world, how will events change the Ichabod/Abby relationship in Season 2?

Mison: That’s the interesting thing. After all this trouble that they’ve been through, their faith in each other has been tested and stretched at all times. How do you deal with that? That’s something that we really, really deeply explore through the second season. We have to build this relationship up again.

Beharie: It’s sort of a natural progression. It’s what happens anyway when you take a break. You come back and you’re like, ‘OK, how do you do this again?’ How do you get back on the bike? So that’s actually a huge gift.

I think, for me, you’d better be different when you come out of Purgatory! If he’s banging on the door, trying to get out of the box, Abby is like, ‘You’re not getting rid of me! I’m here. And we’re going to do this and we’re going to succeed as best we can.’ So I think she is turning into a stronger person, trying to get out.

Things are going to be pretty complicated with the Crane family in Season 2. What is that going to be like?

Mison: Where do you begin with that family? I mean, when you just think about the actual things that Ichabod found out — his wife’s a witch, she knew about everything that’s caused his life to be miserable now, she’s now gone off with her ex — she didn’t choose to — the son he never knew he had is now the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse. I don’t see how …

Beharie: Marital counseling? She keeps a lot of secrets, that lady.

Mison: I’d love to have a scene where Katrina and Ichabod visit a marriage counselor!

“Sleepy Hollow” Season 2 will return to FOX in the fall of 2014.

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