callumblue smallville 02 290 'Smallville': Clark conquers Zod's ZombielandSmallville” joins that elite fraternity of great television shows that feature a zombie themed episode. On the whole, it ranked slightly below the effort by “Dallas,” but certainly better than the forgettable effort done by “Hill Street Blues.”

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and aside from a needle bruise, Clark feels fine. Everyone else… not so much. You see, one of Zod’s loyal subjects took it upon himself to spread quite the nasty zombie virus. First up in the Metropolis Metropolitan Area rampage is Tess, who can’t be saved despite the worst bodyguards this side of the Mississippi AND a turn as Beatrix Kiddo.

Lois and Clark, for the lack of anything better to do, decide to visit Tess in the hospital. It’s here that it becomes painfully obvious she has something a bit more severe than the swine flu. After getting tossed across the room, Lois decides there’s an actual story here and saunters off to the Daily Planet. Clark swipes a blood sample and delivers it to Chloe and Dr. Hamilton at Watchtower. Even this advanced technology takes a while to determine an active enzyme in the zombie blood can be linked back to none other than Davis Bloome. The good doctor determines he can kick out an antidote in no time… if only there was someone else in the world with Davis’ blood type. Hmmm…

Speaking of Clark, he arrives at the Planet just in time to help Lois kick some zombie tail. Bodies fly all around, but Lois and Clark emerge victorious in the Battle for Newspaper superiority. The win comes at a cost as Lois is found to be bleeding from the arm. Analysis from Dr. Hamilton reveals she’ll be fine, so long as she stays awake. Obviously, Clark needs to save the world, so he leaves his lady love in the hands of the quite capable Oliver Queen… except no, not so much. More on the continuing self-destruction of the Green Arrow in a moment.

Lois has transformed into the beast Clark feared, and boy do they have it out in the Daily Planet newsroom, even spilling out into the streets. Before it gets too ugly, Chloe and Dr. Hamilton literally fly in to save the day. Using Clark’s blood (drawn from a liquid kryptonite needle, no less), they seed the rain clouds covering Metropolis with the antidote, saving the city from certain doom. Good thing too, because Clark was really growing tired of Lois’ mean left hook.

justinhartley smallville 290 'Smallville': Clark conquers Zod's ZombielandAs for Oliver… well we see him descend further into a pitiful shell of his former self. He initiates a police pursuit out of apparent sheer boredom, still pissed that Clark didn’t off Davis Bloome when he had the chance. He’s such a mess that when he beds the arresting officer, she doesn’t believe him when she spots a hidden camera in his belt buckle. If only he knew Chloe was spying on him, hoping he would get the League back together to save himself AND the world. Of course, that’s pretty hard to do when you’re drunk and burning your superhero costume in an alley.

We do eventually get to see Zod, as the flunky who spread the virus did so without the Major’s knowledge. This foot soldier is about to meet a swift death, until he reveals the grand plan; apparently he knew the antidote would come from a fellow Kryptonian’s blood-inspired rain shower… so now they’ve been able to confirm the presence of the son of Jor-El. Good for Zod, not so good for the kneeling underling as the Major kills him anyway. He seems inspired by an old-school king, I think.

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Posted by:Brandon Millman