Aaronashmore_smallville_s6_240In Smallville’s eight years, the circle of people who are aware of what Clark really is has remained relatively small. Turns out that Jimmy Olsen of all people could be the one to really blow his cover, thereby forcing Clark to put on his big boy pants in public far sooner than he wants. Dude, you can’t stay anonymous forever. Right?

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Lois and Jimmy are walking down a random street, talking about a stealth fighter sweeping the streets of Metropolis clean. In a random alley, a deviant wearing a toboggan stalks the two. He leaps from the shadows to knock out Jimmy. Lois attempts to put her self-defense skills to good use, but all she can muster is being pushed into the path of an oncoming SUV. Clark arrives on-scene to save her from being hit all while Jimmy, simply wanting a shot of the mugger, manages to catch a photo at the precise moment Clark whooshes in to save Lois. He disappears just as quickly, leaving Lois and Jimmy to wonder what just happened.

At the Daily Planet, Jimmy shows off his picture in poster form to Clark. It’s nothing more than a blur of Clark with Lois suspended in mid-air. Clark tries to downplay the significance of the shot, but Jimmy’s having none of it. He’s even managed to already show Tess, who agreed to put it on front page AND have Clark write the accompanying article. Our secret superhero is simply can’t believe his luck. Meanwhile, Lois can’t believe her mugger made bail. Stupid justice system, indeed. Through the door walks one Sebastian Kane, who just happens to read her thoughts through the handshake. After some witty banter and his big reveal as the newest Planet reporter, he asks her to dinner. Lois agrees, sensing there’s more to the cub reporter than meets the eye.

Castle Luthor. Sebastian arrives to scare Tess. Turns out, he’s there to do her bidding to see if Lois stole the diamond. He wants nothing of the assignment, as he thinks too highly of Lois to betray her trust. If he doesn’t, Tess threatens to throw him back into Black Creek. Blackmail is a bitch, especially when you’re dealing with Tess.

Clark later meets with Chloe, hoping she deleted the photo. She has a better idea that he should come out of his metaphorical superhero closet and do his work in the public eye. Chloe also suggests he have an alias, like Oliver, appealing to his sense of hero.

Back at the Daily Planet. Clark goes to Tess saying he wants no part of Jimmy’s story. He says Lex wouldn’t do it, because having Tess take the moral, objective route will obviously work. Of course, Tess thinks it sexy, dangerous, exciting… so they’re clearly running the story.

Clark whooshes to Lois’s apartment to rifle through Jimmy’s things. Lois catches him and then proceeds to seductively ask him to zip up her dress. He hesitates, but does it because he loves her! She’s off to a date, but naturally Clark isn’t crazy about the idea. Sebastian arrives with flowers. Clark attempts to shake his hand, but Lois pushes Clark out just in time.

Down on the farm, Clark’s going through laundry when he notices Jimmy coming his way AND his red jacket and blue shirt are among the prominent clothes in the pile. He whooshes to clear it just as Jimmy walks in. Our intrepid photog believes the blur started in Smallville, as evidenced by similar articles in the Smallville Ledger and Torch. Jimmy begins to connect the dots… but when he sees Clark glancing at a family photo with him wearing the outfit in question, he finally calls Clark on his superhero ways.

Chloe’s working in her computer room when she overloads her systems and it shuts down. Clark arrives to tell her Jimmy figured it all out. Mere seconds later, Jimmy arrives, absolutely sure Clark “blurred” over to beat him there. He can’t believe Chloe kept the secret, but he forgives her so long as he can be a part of it. Chloe and Clark are still denying Jimmy’s truth.

Clark whooshes to the airport to find Oliver and a gaggle of ladies on his plane. The drinks sure are free flowing on private jets. The girls depart so the men can have grown-up time. Seems Oliver also agrees with Tess that publishing Jimmy’s photo is a good idea. Clark calls out Oliver, telling him to stop his boozing ways and step up to the hero he should be.

Lois is on her date at some swanky bar/club. They talk of Sebastian’s past. He offers to read her palms. She’s skeptical after her last reading offered only a vision of a flying man in tights as a result. He puts his finger on her palm and beings to peer into her past, including seeing an image of her looking at his file. Saved by the phone, Sebastian walks away… and into Tess’ limo. He spills all he knows, knowing she doesn’t have the diamond, but does have the flash drive that implicates him. She could care less as she makes a call to move on to her next person of interest: Jimmy.

Sebastian drops off Lois and offers a nightcap. She declines the invite, saying she has to proofread. As she gets out, she is forced to the ground and has a gun pointed at her, Sebastian forcefully asking for the flash drive.

Clark, Chloe and Oliver have set up a scenario where Jimmy can “see” that Clark cannot be the hero. Oliver complains, but Clark reminds him that he wore green tights to save him from being discovered. Jimmy arrives, saying things won’t change if he’s let in on the secret. Meanwhile, Lois hands over the drive to Sebastian. She attempts to take him down and the two have it out at her place. When that doesn’t work, she calls Clark. Because she’s in danger, he calls off the plan to whoosh away, knock Sebastian out cold and whoosh away again before either Lois or Jimmy can figure out what’s going on.

With Clark out of the picture, Jimmy gets accosted by the same guy as before, so Oliver springs into action to save the day anyway… dressed in dazzling red and blue. Jimmy collects himself just in time to exclaim to a returning Clark that he saved him, but Clark points out Oliver standing on top of a nearby building, monstrous cape flapping in the breeze. Clark glances at the onlookers, gazing skyward in awe of the guy. Perhaps he’s not so frigid to the idea of being an open hero now?

The next day, Clark gets a glance at the front of the paper with the photo and a headline reading “Faster than a Speeding Bullet”. Jimmy apologizes that he was wrong in believing Clark was the “blur.” Later, Clark meets up with Lois wanting to know why she didn’t reveal that she was undercover. You know, Clark, it’s not always about you! She’s now a believer in the “red and blue superdude,” with a new mission: to find the shy guy… no matter what it takes.

Oliver reads the Planet on his plane. Clark seems to now be on the path to really define his purpose, much to Oliver’s delight. Our jetsetter is off to Europe, newly revitalized after being the true hero the night before, to meet up with the Super Friends. He apologizes for flipping his lid on Clark keeping his parents death from him. Now that they’ve made up, Clark suggests that he never wear the red cape again. Oliver replies that it would be a good look for Clark.

Sebastian is lingering in intensive care when Chloe arrives to reveal everything she knows about him, including his real identity. He says Clark belongs in Black Creek. Apparently that was the wrong thing to say as Chloe then grabs him by the arm and overloads his mind with information, Brainiac-style, killing him.

How deliciously evil of Chloe!

Next time on Smallville, Lois and Clark are trapped in the Phantom Zone! So too is Kara, who makes her first appearance of the season.

Do you think Jimmy will stay satisfied with Clark’s demonstration that he’s not the “blur?” Who has the diamond that Tess is so desperate to find? What did you think of Chloe’s “justified” killing of Sebastian at the end?

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