Wondertwins_290 Last week, casting sides for "Idol" — episode five of "Smallville's" new season — found their way onto the Internet, introducing two new characters: Twyla, a "Pixie-punk teen" and her brother Tanner, a "hot skater dude."

Fans immediately cried "Wonder Twins."

The CW confirms to Zap2it that Twyla and Tanner will be played by Allison Scagliotti ("Warehouse 13") and David Gallagher ("7th Heaven").

Better known by the names Zan and Jayna, in the comics the Wonder Twins can communicate telepathically and take the form of water in any state, be it solid, liquid or gas (him) or the form of any animal (her). Their signature move is to bump fists while declaring "Wonder Twin powers, activate!"

No word as to whether Wonder Twin aide, Space Monkey Gleek, will be making an appearance as well.

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Posted by:Brill Bundy