smallville kreuk rosenbaum 'Smallville' door still open for Michael Rosenbaum; Kristin Kreuk definitely not returningLast spring, “Smallville” hero Tom Welling filled Zap2it in on his hopes for the series’ 10th and final season at the CW’s Upfront presentation. When we asked about his hopes for the imminent finale, Welling said quickly, “Clark and Lex. Maybe a Lana/Clark/Lois triangle again, who knows. I want to see a lot
of the people that the fans know from the show come back to see those

At least half of Welling’s dream could still come true.

TVLine’s Michael Ausiello dishes that “Smallville” producers are still holding out hope to get Michael Rosenbaum back as Lex for the final episodes. Also still on board? Welling. When we caught up with him again at the show’s 200th episode party, he remained dedicated to his cause. “I don’t know how you end this show without Lex Luthor,” he said.

Come on, Rosenbaum. How can you say no to a face like Welling’s? Didn’t you read our letter?

We do have some not-so-great news to report as well. (Well, depending on which side of the Lana Lang line you stand on.) Ausiello writes that Kristin Kreuk “will definitely not be back.”

Looks like the return of the love triangle is a no-go. Though Welling may be disappointed by this, we have to say that we’re not. We miss Kreuk on the show, but we’re hoping to see Clark and Lois find more stability now that he’s popped the question. Nobody wants to see a couple destined to be together breaking up over third-party drama… especially not this close to the final episode.

What do you think, Zap2it readers? Do you think there’s hope for a Lex Luthor moment yet? Will you miss Lana as the series winds to a close? Are there any other recurring characters or former regulars you’d like to revisit before the epic finale?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie