gil bellows smallville 'Smallville': Escaping the Gil Bellows brain drainThe intrigue of Checkmate is enhanced on “Smallville” when the Black King appears to discover and destroy the Blur.

Ready to drop the “love” bomb on Clark, Lois prepares for a rooftop date where the relationship will be cemented with gifts of telescopes and unnecessary uses of the word “love.”

The couple get their pre-game on with an impromptu make-out session in the Daily Planet elevator, only to find a new, overzealous editor pitting them against each other for one reporter job. Seems ex-DA Ray Sacks has worked his mojo to engineer an extremely early exit from prison, and now it’s up to the dynamic duo to find out why. Oh that Franklin… always with the ambitions of becoming Editor-in-Chief.

Everybody gets to working their sources for help: Lois leaves 57 voicemails for the Blur, Clark cajoles Chloe into finding out Ray’s new hideout… all while Ray lets Metropolis know that he’ll pay $1 million for a photo of the Blur. Lois decides to confront Ray on this, who decides to sic his bodyguard on her, which causes the Blur to dispatch of him quickly, causing a random punk kid to take a photo of the Blur and upsetting Lois in the process. The good news is that Lois “sees” the Blur for the first time… sort of.

Clark only saved Lois by chance. When she blurted out that he had answered one of her voicemails, he swiped her phone to see who’s been portraying him without his knowledge. While Chloe worked on the phone, both Lois and Clark go undercover at Ray’s welcome home party where Lois pops out of a giant cake and proceeds to punch an eavesdropping Clark, who was finding out the punk kid very nearly collected on the million dollar bounty… that is, until Lois’ diversion knocked the phone to the floor. Phone promptly destroyed, the kid is whisked away to a room where his memories are drained in an attempt to discover the Blur’s identity. It’s also our first chance to meet the Black King, Maxwell Lord (hey, it’s Gil Bellows!) as he works for Checkmate in the quest to eliminate the Kandorians.

After the party fiasco, Franklin Stern fires both Lois and Clark, and they both huff off in separate directions, leading to her abduction by Maxwell and the subsequent draining of memories. Thanks to Chloe, Clark has a lead on her location… AND that of criminals captured by the Blur, released by Ray and also being drained of memories. Clark proceeds to whack Ray back to the stone age and rush to save Lois, who is fighting hard to keep her knowledge of the Blur from slipping away. Using his mighty power of HULK SMASH, Clark destroys the machine but misses catching Maxwell. That’s okay, because the Red Queen takes him away in luxury.

In the end, Chloe reveals to Clark that it was Zod playing Lois the entire time, which leads to the Blur ending all contact with Lois forever and allowing for Clark to be the man Lois wants him to be… but is he strong enough to be her man?

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