ericadurance smallville 290 'Smallville': Explosions and the Toyman wreck the Lois and Clark non date 'date'It’s an explosive return for the Toyman on “Smallville,” who calls out Oliver and his many sins. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark can’t quite figure out the dynamics of the “non-date” date.

Jor-El continues the training of young Kal-El by granting him the power of reading what people are thinking. It’s because of this that he’s able to ascertain the opening hostage scenario and rescue all the victims AND shield as much of the bomb blast as possible. Lois is certainly upset she missed all the action, but if she only knew that Clark was picking up on her non-verbal cues. Initially, Clark only uses the power for good by becoming an even better interviewer/reporter than Lois by piecing together what really went down in the factory. Miss Lane mentally admits the new and improved Clark is not only becoming quite the assertive man, he’s also easy on the eyes. Knowing she won’t ask it outright, Clark nudges Lois into setting up a night of Monster Trucks and Daisy Dukes… so as long as there’s no drama in the end.

Meanwhile in a Havana bar, Oliver Queen stumbles in to find two hotties immediately swarming him. Problem is, these two belong to some local thugs who would like nothing more than to beat Oliver to within an inch of his life. In the nick of time, Tess clears the room and calls Oliver (and his pity party) out. Seems Queen Industries is teetering on the brink, and Oliver desperately needs to rally the troops. He broods a little more, but ultimately resigns himself to the fact he has to put back on his big boy pants.

All along, Chloe once again finds herself in the middle of a situation I think she’d rather view from the sidelines. She watches Lois put on her sexy Monster Truck-inspired date outfit, then seeks out Clark to threaten the son of Jor-El not to hurt Lois. Of course, the new and improved “reporter’ Clark senses Oliver’s imminent return and whooshes over to the red carpet. Not one to miss a black-tie gala OR a big story, Lois arrives via a muddy Monster Truck in her stunning dress. She’s almost as quickly gone when Clark asserts himself, wanting to get the story all by himself.

cassidyfreeman smallville 290 'Smallville': Explosions and the Toyman wreck the Lois and Clark non date 'date'Of course, the Toyman’s plan to lure Oliver back to Metropolis works to perfection. Once Oliver begins to address the shareholders, he’s forced to put in an earpiece wired directly to none other than Winslow Schott. Read the script on the TelePrompTer, or everybody gets blown to bits. Move off the pressure sensor… the same. Basically the speech is a laundry list of all of Oliver’s misdeeds and shortcomings. Clark tries to read the thoughts, but the power is suddenly gone. He gets on the horn to Chloe, who remotely activates an alarm, allowing for the evacuation of the innocents. Naturally, Winslow is on scene to witness his handiwork, but Clark is clearly tired of his shenanigans. When it becomes clear that this Toyman is nothing more than a FatBot, Clark uses the heat eyes to melt it… just as Oliver steps off the platform. Because the Toyman demands total control over the outcome, the bomb was actually set to explode from a timer.

However, it’s become apparent Oliver is tired of life… a life he says isn’t really his. Even Clark is tired of his whining, and tells him to man up. Once alone, Oliver is haunted by a reflection of Lex (I know, creepy!) and proceeds to throw his drink at him/it. Speaking of creepy, the real Toyman is captured and later visited by Tess, who proceeds to shoot him in the leg. She promises to take care of him, so long as he cooperates in identifying and exploring a certain meteor rock.

As for our inevitable lovers, the initial tension probably would break a Ginsu knife. Clark admits that going solo on such a big story wasn’t the best move (along with the standing up of the “date” as well.) He did write the article, but missed the deadline. Lois plays English teacher and red pens the hell out of his article, but all seems forgiven once they lock eyes. Second date? Count on it… just on a slower news day!

Posted by:Brandon Millman