smallville zod clark 'Smallville' finale: The Book of Rao does its jobEverybody’s back for the “Smallville” finale, as Clark decides to finish off Zod once and for all.

Clark has this crazy dream where he’s running around in blue tights, saving the world from ace Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane. I know, insane! What isn’t crazy is that Mama Kent left him the Book of Rao all nice and wrapped.

Zod wants it back, and even goes as far as revealing himself to Lois as the Blur. He tells her that Clark simply cannot be trusted… but don’t take his word for it. He returns to the Fortress to find Tess loitering. She’s ready to redeem herself to him, but Zod says no. This leads to an awesome pair of Kryptonite knuckles, yet Zod somehow overpowers her and charbroils Tess into a Two-Face.

Chloe nearly has Watchtower up when Clark reveals he can’t use Rao if he wants to stay on Earth, yet transporting everyone to the alternate world will cause the least amount of mess. Even the Justice League can’t agree on the best course of action. Sure enough, Clark overrules them all by offering to sacrifice himself for the greater good, especially since Tess used her dying words to reveal another crystal console where Rao could be used. Meanwhile, Team Zod race around the world, setting landmarks on fire (the Great Wall, Acropolis, the Pyramids) and burning their sign into others (the Washington Memorial.) They also destroy practically every satellite that can be used against them. Chloe realizes without the satellites, Watchtower is useless. Enter Oliver with the greatest anniversary gift ever: a secret satellite solely for Watchtower. Chloe beams with pride at the efforts of her man, but they quickly turn to despair when Ollie goes to power up said satellite and is swarmed by a posse of non-Kandorians.

Lois is being tempted by Perry White to ditch Metropolis and head over to Kenya with him… except if Clark is serious about the relationship, she’ll stay for him. Even after she finds the sketches of the Book of Rao in the Kent Barn, Clark still doesn’t come clean. Because of this, she overrules her earlier decision not to help Zod and meets up to talk about what to do with Mr. Kent. Her heart may have been broken by Clark, but she can still smell a straight-up con from a mile away. Zod’s over eagerness to acquire Rao gave him away, and Lois very nearly pays for her disobedience with her life… but Clark whooshes in to save the day and knock Zod for a loop. He even gets in a pimp kiss, which Lois immediately identifies as Clark’s.

In the end, Clark and Team Zod faceoff on the roof. Kal-El pleads with the Kandorians to allow for the Book of Rao to be used, because the alternate world is much better than Earth. Zod initially leads in the popularity contest… until he forgets the super-hearing the assembled party has and foolishly reveals that he killed Faora and his unborn child. Just like that, Vala and the rest of Team Zod dissolves and Clark activates Rao, causing everyone to be beamed up. But wait! Zod pulls out a mighty convenient Blue Kryptonite dagger, which is preventing him from being transported as well. This is the last straw for Clark, who decides to go all-or-nothing with Zod in a most epic Matrix-inspired rain fighting scene on the roof. After what seems to be an eternity of slow-motion fighting, Zod goes for the kill and stabs Clark with the Blue dagger. Problem is, despite Clark catapulting off the building, Zod no longer possesses the one thing keeping him on Earth, and is blinded by the light to another world.

To be continued, indeed!

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