Allisonmack_smallville_s6_240Amnesia storylines are usually the kiss of death in any genre except for soaps. Smallville successfully walks that fine line, all while staying true to the story, advancing the plot and NOT becoming corny as all get out. If only the same could be said about other plot lines…

Spoilers? I don’t remember you!

Chloe awakens to a smiling Jimmy and breakfast in bed. It’s one week to the wedding and Lana has yet to RSVP. This would normally a major point of concern for Chloe, except she can’t even remember who her cousin is. Attempting to cover for a much bigger problem, she chalks it up to pre-wedding jitters. As if she needed any more problems in her life, her brain begins to go haywire. We flash back to the engagement party, but key parts of that happy time start to disappear and go all Matrix on her. Talk about your brain farts, as she can’t even remember Jimmy after the fact!

Naturally, Jimmy’s first option is a visit to the Kent farm. Clark wants to take Jimmy’s idea that it’s related to her “meteor ability” and run with it. Of course, Clark wants to finally rid himself of this Brainiac problem once and for all!

At the hospital, Chloe runs into a tired Davis. She promises to get right on the whole family tree, but he wants to ask another favor. Before she can commit, she rushes off to the building library to study. Davis looks quite forlorn.

Clark arrives to find Chloe scanning medical journals on selective amnesia. He knows something’s up when she recites Jimmy facts as if she’s reciting state capitals. Clark makes a beeline for the computer room to find the mother of all CliffsNotes pasted on the walls… information and pictures of everyone who’s ever been in her life. She finally comes clean to him about the memory loss, but he suspects Chloe is being taken over by Brainiac.

Davis makes the drive to Smallville to seek out Chloe, but runs into Jimmy instead. He breaks the news that he can’t make the wedding, and since he catches a break by not actually running into Chloe, he wants Jimmy to break the news to Chloe. Awww… Davis can’t fight this feeling anymore!

Kent Farm. Clark brings Chloe to the barn where she mentions the Kryptonian data being rushed into her head, most notably the Doom symbol. He suggests using the crystal and rebuild the Fortress, all while seeking Jor-El’s help. Clark is determined not to let his secret destroy her. Chloe’s thankful for knowing his secret, but she’d rather solve her own problems. Before she can hit the ground running, she has another brain fart… back to the moment she found out about Clark and his powers. She tries her best to remember it all, but mostly fails. He whooshes off to the Arctic, but not before leaving Chloe with a yearbook to remember them by. She looks through the pages when Jimmy arrives with pictures of them. She claims to remember, but eh, not so much and Jimmy knows it, too. He wants to take her to the best neurologist in Metropolis, but she says Clark wants her to stay. If ever a time to trust him, he says, it’s now.

The Fortress rises from the ground with a determined Clark looking off in the distance. He goes in to a welcoming Jor-El (Also, yay Terence Stamp!). Clark is still rather mad at him, but says he’s made progress in the game of life. He catches Jor-El up on the Chloe/Brainiac deal and Jor-El offers to help, but can’t guarantee the best outcome.

At the hospital, Chloe readies herself for the MRI. Once the scan begins, her freaky mind takes over the equipment as we flash back to Chloe being introduced to the Kent Barn in their late elementary school days. Awww… how cute! How ironic that Young Chloe claims nothing exciting will ever happen in Smallville. Young Clark displays his early whooshing skills by retrieving her favorite book, which earns him quite the kiss from Young Chloe. The flashback begins to disappear, so Chloe does her best to hold on to Clark and leap from memory to memory to keep it alive. Except she fails and Clark falls away. Still in her dreamworld after the fact, Chloe finds a lurking Davis dressed all in black. She takes his hand, and we return to reality with her breaking the equipment and remembering only Davis. Quite the ominous sign of things to come.

Speaking of, she later runs into Davis in the real world. Brainiac is really messing wit h her as she only remembers her name and him. She confesses that, in light of recent events, Davis has become her entire world. In a comforting hug, he says he will always be there for her.

Jimmy can’t believe the hospital lost his fiancĂ© when Clark whooshes in. He can’t believe Jimmy took her from the barn. I can’t believe it’s not butter! Clark says they’ll find her if they work together. Of course, by work together, he means misdirecting Jimmy long enough to take care of the whole deal himself. Lucky for both of them, Davis brings Chloe back to the apartment. She freaks when she sees the two men of her life and can’t recognize them. Davis sedates her, and that’s when Clark whooshes away with her to the Fortress.

Once there, Jor-El scolds Clark for sharing his secret, but to make things right with the world, Kal-El suggests a complete memory wipe so she’ll never remember any of his secrets. Jor-El works his magic as we see the evil drain from her ear. Icky.

The next day, Chloe is mighty impressed that Jimmy was able to juggle the seating chart quite well. I’ve been told that’s one of the best things a guy could do for his bride… unless you happen to be marrying a Bridezilla. Jimmy’s mighty impressed she’s recovered so quickly. Clark arrives, happy to see the memory wipe brought her back to normal, sans Kryptonian secrets. She leaves to find a waiting Davis. Turns out he can’t be at the wedding because of his feelings for her. The conversation turns creepy when Davis proclaims he can’t stand to see her marry the wrong man. Chloe doesn’t have a good answer as to why she only came to him in her hour of need. There’s a connection, he says, and he thinks she can feel it. I feel dirty.

Back at the Fortress, Clark thanks Jor-El for all his help. He spills that he’s aware of the Doom symbol from Chloe’s brain attack. Clark’s determined to tackle the Doom problem head on: whenever, wherever. Clark departs, unaware the Brainiac life force begins to take over Jor-El and the Fortress. Doomsday is coming!

Next time on Smallville, it’s finally the day of the wedding! Lana makes her triumphant return but it’s Doomsday who becomes the life of the party!

So is this the end of Chloe and Clark as we know them? Could Davis have been any creepier in his pursuit of Chloe? Now that Clark has one fewer secret-keepers, will he retreat to the Fortress more this season?

Posted by:Brandon Millman