A few pictures from “Smallville’s” two-hour Justice Society movie have made their way online, revealing the looks of several superhero guest stars.

The two episodes, “Society” and “Legends,” will feature, among other characters, DC Comics heroes Hawkman, Doctor Fate and Stargirl. The show, which has so far shied away from putting Clark Kent (Tom Welling) in full Superman regalia, apparently doesn’t have such qualms about its guest stars. Take a look at “Stargate’s” Michael Shanks as Hawkman:

society3 'Smallville': Get a look at the Justice Society

Brent Stait (“Andromeda”) is under the helmet as Doctor Fate, and Britt Irvin (“V”) is playing Stargirl.

society1 'Smallville': Get a look at the Justice Society

Hawkman and Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) have a bit of a disagreement — as they so often do in the comics.

society2 'Smallville': Get a look at the Justice Society

“Society” and “Legends” — which are being packaged together as a movie titled “Absolute Justice” — are set to air Feb. 5.

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Photo credits: The CW

Posted by:Rick Porter