takes the opportunity to uncover a sweaty Justin Hartley in the jungle! Is it hot enough for you yet?

Handle these Spoilers with care. After all, they contain a fast acting poison!

Give us all your money and save the rainforest! Clark and Chloe are schmoozing at a benefit Oliver is throwing. Chloe implies Clark and Lois will soon be an item, if they’re not already. Oliver arrives with arm candy attached, but collapses under the weight of the paparazzi. Clark comes to his aid and Oliver reveals that he has but 12 hours to live, no thanks to some mysterious poison. It’s always something with that guy.

The two take Oliver back to Chloe’s apartment, bypassing trusted medical attention altogether. Davis arrives to stabilize Oliver, risking a lot to not immediately take him to the hospital. Clark goes to call the girl in question, but she doesn’t answer as she’s being wheeled into an ambulance herself.

Meanwhile at the Daily Planet, Lois and Tess resume their pissing match. Tess believes Lois can’t be objective in digging for the dirt, what with their past relationship and all.

Oliver’s vivid dream sequence kicks in as we find him lying on the beach of some tropical island. The debris all around would suggest it wasn’t the most pleasant arrival. Days later, he’s talking to a centipede and ponders making it his meal before chickening out at the last moment. He later has no more luck going after a wild boar.

We continue to flash forward through the two year arrow making montage and his ever increasing proficiency to shoot and shoot well when a random truck pulls up. Oliver goes to investigate, but pricks himself on a thorn and promptly collapses.

Back in the here and now, Lois arrives at the apartment and demands Chloe go out for “a sports drink, as much vitamin B as she can get her hands on and one dill pickle.” That’s when Chloe drops the big one that Oliver isn’t drunk. Oliver begins to mumble “mercy” as we flash back once again to Tess hovering over his leach-covered body. Tess informs Oliver that she saved his life because a hospital would have inevitably killed him by pumping him full of adrenaline. So… yay Tess? She then reveals that she was kidnapped. Tess probably had it coming.

Tess continues to treat Oliver when she begins to expand on her back-story. Riveting. Just then, the sentry walks in and explains that he knows Oliver’s story of the booze cruise and shipwreck and ultimate marooning on the island. He tries to escape, but gets threatened with a knife and slapped down. As punishment, the sentry kills the tied-up friend of Tess execution style. Dude… harsh. Oliver protects Tess from meeting the same fate.

At the hospital, random girl is being treated in the apparent “wrong” manner described above, and Davis now feels justified in bringing Oliver in for treatment. Of course, before he leaves, the girl goes into shock and quickly dies.

Clark arrives back at the apartment to find Lois questioning whether she should have ended her relationship with Oliver. It’s good to see her not being a badass all the time. Chloe lets her inner geek shine in identifying where the poison came from. Of course, Clark isn’t buying that this is an all-natural genius she’s showing, especially since her encounter with Brainiac. After she completes the ultimate LutherCorp speed reading course on organic material, Chloe identifies the flower in question.

Clark goes to see Tess and call on a favor. She’s her charming and irritable self until Clark hands her a printout of the flower. Tess comes clean in acknowledging the antidote does indeed exist, but only at the recently relocated lab in Brazil. Time, it appears, is not on their side.

Lois is applying ice packs to Oliver when Davis arrives and blatantly states the obvious. Lois expects a miracle, definitely not letting feelings for her ex get in the way. Back in the flashback, Oliver consoles a grieving Tess while formulating a plan all along. The two are lead to a waiting boat when Oliver decides to play hero and take their captors out.

Oliver goes into convulsions and Davis begins resuscitations when Clark magically arrives with the antidote. Vital signs returns to normal and Oliver begins to speak complete sentences once again. Turns out “mercy” stood for Tess Mercer, who is apparently the next target.

Speaking of, Tess leaves to find a knife wedged in her car tire. Surprise, the captor they left for dead has tracked them down in a fit of revenge. Naturally, Tess is taken out by the bad guy, who proceeds to be taken out by Clark.

Later, Oliver pays a visit to Tess at Castle Luthor. On the surface, they exchange pleasantries, then put back on the boxing gloves and spar one last time. She hands over a folder to Oliver that once belonged to Lionel.

Lois is having trouble hiding her feelings for Oliver and Clark calls her out on it. He tells her that everything will be okay, and she quickly returns to form. For now.

Chloe arrives back at her apartment to find Davis making a house call and marveling at the technology. She’s ashamed of her genius status and reveals that Jimmy is still in the dark on it. I can’t wait for that conversation.

Clark meets up with Oliver at the bar when the red folder is passed to him. Seems that Oliver’s parents were killed and he believes sabotage was involved.

Our mysterious captor attempts to leave the city, but as he’s getting into a cab, Tess cuts him with the offending poisonous flower. As he passes out, she encourages the cab driver to take him to the hospital as “they’ll know what to do.”

How deliciously evil of her.

Next time on Smallville, Lois and Clark are sittin’ in a tree… except Maxima arrives and kills all the boys with her raging hormones.

Was it just me, or was Oliver just a little over the top tonight? How is Clark in suits and ties working for you? Does the story of Tess have enough legs to carry her character through the season?

Posted by:Brandon Millman