smallville checkmate 320 'Smallville': It don't matter if you're black or whiteThe Checkmate versus Aliens plotline returns to “Smallville” where it seems Pam Grier holds all the power.

So we already know Tess is a part of Checkmate. The lengths she’ll go to just to trap Green Arrow for the cause is not surprising. Packing major heat, she gets all “Alias” on the operation, which is nothing more than an elaborate hoax to trap Green Arrow and secure him in the back of a Brinks truck. He wakes up to find Amanda Waller on the screen before him effectively recruiting him for the Checkmate cause. Of course, he’s not keen on joining any more groups these days, so he engineers quite the daring escape from the moving truck.

While this is going down, Chloe is frantically trying to find her man. Cameras all over the city mysteriously stop, and then resume working. Clark whooshes to Watchtower, where Chloe wants to really unload on him, but as the cameras begin working again, they spot John Jones at the scene of the abduction. Our Martian Manhunter finds the man at the center of the Green Arrow abduction, but is remotely killed before he can reveal any details. Just like Tess, Edward Lott was powerful in business. That seems to be Checkmate’s master plan: get every mover and shaker working for them. Speaking of Tess, she finally realizes Oliver is the Green Arrow, but this doesn’t dampen her resolve toward the bigger Checkmate plan. Lucky for him, Clark whooshes in and takes Tess to the roof of the Daily Planet, dangling her until he gets answers.

The one answer he wasn’t wanting to hear: Watchtower was the real target. Chloe, in her quest to find out what was really going on with Edward, managed to get herself caught. So does John Jones when he seeks to acquire the Kryptonian blood Amanda is holding. Yeah, go ahead and surround John in a tight burning ring of fire. This allows for Clark to finally face Amanda while she demands he join her side… or else Chloe dies. Clark can’t save both Chloe and John, but Mr. Jones does a fantastic job doubling as Amanda long enough to escape the ring of fire and deal with the blood, causing the alarms to go off long enough for Clark to (and I’m not even joking here) super slo-mo his way through the guards, taking them out one by one and saving Chloe from a fatal gunshot.

In the end, Oliver disowns Tess once and for all and walks off with Chloe in the sunset (despite BOTH ladies giving him crap for the tights part of his costume.) Amanda gets scanned by John, waking up in a daze but with a new resolve and new game plan. As for Clark, he and John come to an understanding that Kal-El simply cannot take sides in this battle, no matter what.

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