smallville supergirl 320 'Smallville': Laura Vandervoort returns in 'Supergirl' to teach Clark a thing or two“Smallville” has always honored Superman lore, but they’ve never been afraid to give things a new spin. When Laura Vandervoort returns to Metropolis as Kara in tonight’s (Oct. 8) episode, boldly titled “Supergirl,” she gives fans a new perspective on Clark Kent’s (Tom Welling) origin story.

When Zap2it visited the set of Vandervoort’s ABC drama “V,” she told us that she was happy to return to “Smallville” after her long absence. “I’m glad they came up with a storyline that kind of explains where Kara
was for a year and a half. She does come back for a reason. She’s
teaching Clark an important lesson in this episode, that he will or
won’t fail,” she teases.

On “V,” Vandervoort plays Lisa, an alien visitor who falls in love with a human. She didn’t have any trouble slipping into Kara’s skin, though. In fact, Vandervoort says that the two characters may have more in common than one might think.

“There are a lot of similarities, which surprised me when I actually
thought about it,” she explains. “Kara has these super powers, and is very
defiant, and has her own opinions, whereas Lisa is a soldier, and
shadows her mother, and does what she’s told. [But] this season, Lisa is
coming up with her own ideas, thinking for herself.”

We love the idea that in “Smallville’s” version of the story, it’s Supergirl who has to kick Clark Kent into gear a bit as he begins to harness his power and embrace his destiny.

“Kara comes
back and is talking down to Clark a little bit,” Vandervoort admits. WIth Jor-El doubting Clark’s strength, Kara takes on the responsibility of teaching Clark something that may change his life forever.

Unfortunately, the lesson may require a bit of tough love on Kara’s part. “She’s telling him ‘You’re so
behind in your lessons. You can’t fly. You can’t do this. Your father
gave me this directive and he doesn’t want you involved. We don’t think
you can handle it,'” says Vandervoort.

Though as of press time there were no set plans for Vandervoort to return to the show again this season, she’s not ruling out a reappearance. “The storyline is left open-ended, so Kara doesn’t necessarily leave, but
I don’t know if she’s returning,” she says. “She’s staying in Metropolis, but I’m
not sure if you’re going to see me again after that episode.”

So what’s the big lesson? We’ll refrain from giving it away, but we bet you can guess. Sneak a peek at the episode below with video and pics of Kara in Supergirl’s iconic costume and in disguise. Don’t miss “Smallville” at 8 p.m. on Friday.

supergirl large 01 'Smallville': Laura Vandervoort returns in 'Supergirl' to teach Clark a thing or two

supergirl large 1 'Smallville': Laura Vandervoort returns in 'Supergirl' to teach Clark a thing or two

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie