justin hartley lindsay hartley gi 320 'Smallville': Lindsay Hartley, wife of Justin, gets her hands dirtyLove is in the air on the “Smallville” set for Green Arrow Justin Hartley… and this time, it isn’t with Chloe. His real-life wife, “Days of Our Lives” star Lindsay Hartley (nee Korman) is making an appearance in Metropolis.

Details on her character are scarce, but we do know that she’ll show up in the eighth episode of Season 10, “Abandoned.” Executive producer Kelly Souders says, “We are thrilled to have Lindsay on Smallville,” Souders says. “We’ve all been looking for a fun opportunity for the last year.”

Though Lindsay and Justin won’t share any scenes, she will “have her hands full with Clark,” says Souders. “Her character is a woman who takes matters into her own hands, and those hands are wickedly dangerous.”

Hmmm… things are looking very handsy around here.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie