tom welling erica durance smallville 320 'Smallville': Love Potion No. 9 sets the truth freeSmallville” invents yet another Kryptonite as a plot device to set in motion one ludicrous Valentine’s-inspired storyline, while rocketing the larger Zod-driven plot to new heights.

The RAO Corporation is very nearly done building the Solar Towers, with a very eager Zod ready to uplink it to the satellites and begin harnessing that yellow sun. In the meantime, Lois smells labor law violations and drags Clark to the worksite. For a moment, they completely forget it’s Valentine’s day… that is, until a cute street vendor sells Lois a box of chocolates and blows magical pixie dust. Real pixie dust? You better believe it, because when Clark begs her for a more traditional relationship, her eyes flash a mystic blue causing her to quit the Daily Planet.

Of course, the magic isn’t just reserved for the cynical, as Clark’s later wish for Chloe to really defend him more causes her to become quite the sidekick ninja. She transforms into a person hell-bent on keeping every distraction away from Clark… even the one Lois changes to: Martha Stewart-meets-Lassie’s mom. When Chloe finds out that Lois has not only moved in, but is waiting for Clark to put a ring on it, they physically and verbally throw down until Lois melts into a nervous breakdown on the floor. Clark later promises not to leave Lois, fully restoring the crazy in her, even going as far as trying on Mama Kent’s wedding dress and blabbing to family that she’s about to tie the knot. The truth even sets Dr. Hamilton free as well, when Clark tells him to chill out, he does exactly that.

On the other side of town, Zod warns Tess that siding with Kal-El could be hazardous to her health, especially since the rest of his army was provided with legal documents to stay on Earth. He boldly tells her that once the Solar Towers are live, she’s as good as dead. Tess let’s Zod know that Clark is the bold future, while he’s the stinky past. When Clark later confronts Zod at RAO, that wish-granting Kryptonite kicks Zod into revealing that Tess killed his father. Wow, Tess has really burned both her bridges in short order.

To hedge her bets, she proposes an alliance with Chloe (who she finds hacking her computer) in order to bring Zod down. Newly over-protective Chloe doesn’t take kindly to siding with evil doers, so they also have knock-down, drag-out fight in her office just before Clark whooshes Tess out into a gravel lot. He forms a ring of fire to entrap the one who killed his father. Thanks to a little earlier persuasion from Zod, Clark is ready to exact some family revenge… if only Chloe hadn’t been there to save Clark from himself.

Speaking of Zod, he’s forced to deal with Alia after she reveals it was her that killed Jor-El. Doing what Clark couldn’t, he kills her on the spot. In the end, she gets quite the Norse-inspired funeral, complete with on-site cremation. After the service, Clark confronts Zod once more about… well, everything. The Major cops to killing Alia and readying himself for the immense power the Solar Towers will bring him and his army. It’s only later that Chloe realizes that it was Alia that kills her in the funked-up dream, which causes Clark to firebomb the Towers to collapsing.

Oh yeah, it’s on!

Posted by:Brandon Millman