Smallville is really taking the time to build up the back stories of all the major players this season. Thanks to a returning Kara, we get to explore the Davis family tree. Doomsday has never looked so good!

You’ll want to kneel for these Spoilers.

For reasons passing understanding, Lois shows up to the Kent Farm, ready to move in. Clark has his doubts, but still manages a smirk knowing his persistence has paid off. In addition to her boxes, Lois also brings in a package for Clark. It seems someone was kind enough to send him the missing crystal. He picks it up, (probably a mistake), and the two become entrapped in the crystalline conduit. Phantom Zone… here we come!

Chloe arrives later with a box Lois forgot when she notices the broken window and the crystal on the floor. She puts it in her purse just as Tess arrives. Chloe lies through her teeth to cover for Clark, but Tess calls her on the BS. Personally, I would never try to lie to anyone with the technology to detect energy surges. Tess gives Chloe quite the evil eye.

In the Phantom Zone, Clark wakes up with a nice gash on his forehead. He climbs a hill and finds Lois unconscious in the distance. She babbles about how they’ve been abducted. They traverse the hilly terrain and stumble upon a dead body. Clark attempts to calm her down, but the dual suns probably aren’t helping. Out of nowhere, a random beast knocks Lois out cold. It tries to go after Clark, but he notices a certain symbol on a bracelet, so it must be Kara! The two embrace. Sharpening a knife, Kara only attacked because she thought they were Zoners. Turns out, she knows the way out, but didn’t go back because she didn’t want Zoners going back with her like last time.

Chloe tries to call Oliver, but being the playboy he is, he’s currently incommunicado but on his way back from Argentina. Davis arrives to say his blackouts are getting worse. In his attempt to determine why the blackouts are happening, he researches his family tree, but he can’t find anything on his first three years. Chloe’s on the case! She later catches up with Oliver on his plane. Oliver has been recruited to steal a piece of equipment to hack into the crystal. He initially hesitates, only relenting when he finds out it gives him another to mess with Tess.

With Clark staying behind to guard the entrance, Kara leads Lois to the portal. They get to the altar, and after too much needless debate, Kara places her hand on the emblem and pushes Lois through. Kara gets knocked down, which allows one of the souls to escape through the open portal. Lois arrives on wrong side of town. In her dazed and confused state, she’s inhabited by that phantom soul.

At the Daily Planet, Evil Lois is going through articles when Tess walks in. Evil Lois claims to be looking for her son, waxing poetic about how General Zod is the father. Tess plays along, hoping Evil Lois will do her bidding and get the crystal for her. Of course, there’s no way Evil Lois will do her bidding. She whooshes away, leaving Tess to wonder what’s really going on.

Back in the Phantom Zone, Clark rushes to Kara’s side. She absolutely insistent he go though, but he just won’t go without her.

Evil Lois arrives at Chloe’s, where she reveals herself to be Faora, the devoted wife of Zod. Chloe attempts to misdirect and fails spectacularly, which leads to Faora/Lois to lay the smack down. She uses telepathy to get what she wants, then whooshes away.

Castle Luthor. Oliver as Green Arrow slinks through Tess’ office. Speaking of, she shows up in her pajamas, hoping to stop him in his tracks. Sensing she might actually shoot, he throws a paralyzing dart at her and then proceeds to take the equipment.

Meanwhile, Faora/Lois makes her way to the hospital to find Davis treating a small kid. She has quite the satisfied look on her face. You would too if you just found your long lost son! Not surprisingly, Davis is quite confused by the whole experience.

Chloe and Oliver hook the crystal up to the equipment. Chloe takes the lead in activating the crystal. The normally unflappable Oliver senses something’s amiss with her, as the eyes go white and blood streams from the nose. He tries to stop her, but she summons massive strength to knock Oliver away. Meanwhile on the other side, Clark once again insists Kara come with, but she’s insistent on playing martyr. She smears her blood on his hand to open the portal. Altered Chloe opens the portal, Clark extends hand and Kara ultimately decides Earth is much better than the Phantom Zone. Once the portal closes, Chloe returns to normal to find Clark and Kara on the floor in the computer room. Faora/Lois has escaped, so Clark’s on the case.

Faora/Lois takes Davis into a vacant room. Davis is still skeptical of what he believes Lois has become, but when she knows about the blackouts, Davis freaks. Turns out Zod and Faora couldn’t conceive on their own, so they sent matter to Earth that ultimately became Davis… the intent being he will become the ultimate destroyer. She’s such the sweet wraith! Faora/Lois believes Davis is too weak for his own good, so she takes the initiative to impale her son with a bed railing through his chest.

Clark whooshes to the hospital just as Faora/Lois is leaving. She’s quite the crazy obsessed mother! Clark tries to compel the trapped Lois soul inside to fight, but Faora/Lois is much too strong, evidenced by her knocking Clark clear out of the building. Faora/Lois attempts to finish him off, except Kara arrives just in time to zap her into a red stone. The family that fights together, stays together.

The next day at the Daily Planet, Lois reveals to Clark that Tess gave her a raise… in part because of their encounter the night before. With the raise comes the non-surprise that she’s changed her mind about living with Clark. Speaking of, he’s summoned by Tess. She believes Clark was the last to see Lex alive. Her proof of a boot print doesn’t seem all that convincing. Tess hopes they can work together, but Clark resists. She hopes in time the truth will reveal itself. Of that, I have no doubt.

Down on the farm, Clark arrives to a waiting Oliver. Mr. Green Arrow wants to know what’s going on with Chloe, to which Clark reveals that she’s a vessel for Brainiac. In the barn, Clark reveals to Kara that he’s still hiding from Lois. With her infinite wisdom, Kara says Lois is ready for the truth. In the meantime, Kara’s leaving Smallville… off to see if the rumors of a still-standing Kandor are true. Clark wants to go with, but she’s a lone wolf.

In a pool of blood, Davis reawakens! He makes his way to an adjoining room to reveal his rebuilt body… all nice and chiseled. Just to see if his crazy mother was right, Davis takes a nearby knife and stabs himself in the chest. The knife shatters into pieces, leaving a stunned Davis to wonder how a hot guy like himself has such amazing abilities.

Next time on Smallville, Chloe has amnesia! She can’t trust anyone… except for all the wrong people.

Kara made her grand return, if only for one night… are you already anticipating her return? Do you like the back story of Davis coming in bits and pieces? Will Chloe end the season as the new bad guy for the show?

Posted by:Brandon Millman