smallville oliver clark 'Smallville': Oliver's 'outing' makes life tougher for ClarkThe 200th episode of “Smallville” doesn’t spend a ton of time in present-day Metropolis, but it also doesn’t exactly ignore the big moment form the end of the previous episode.

(Slight spoilers ahead for both the 200th episode and those of you who haven’t yet seen last week’s episode, “Supergirl.”)

In fact, showrunners Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders say, the “ramifications” of Oliver (Justin Hartley) announcing to the world that he is Green Arrow will become a battle for Clark (Tom Welling).

“For Clark, it’s very impactful on his life, because [it’s] the thing he’s struggled with from the beginning about whether to be open with who he really is,” Souders said at a screening of the 200th episode last week. “He’s now watching his best friend sort of go through it.”

The ripple effects of Oliver’s decision are just starting to be felt in Friday’s (Oct. 15) episode, and they’ll be around for a while, Peterson adds: “It’s almost worse to watch your friend take the heat because you’re still hidden than to take it yourself if you’re Clark,” he says. “That’s going to be a big part of this first journey for Clark, watching what happens to Oliver after he’s come out.”

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Posted by:Rick Porter