smallville tom welling 320 'Smallville' recap: All That GlittersSeriously, Show? Three hours left till the finale. Three hours. What’s Darkseid up to? How about Lionel? How’s Oliver doing with that Omega on his skull? How about anything other than this? It would have been a fine episode in the beginning of the season, but it’s just helping to kill what little momentum the show had going into the finale.

Anyway, here’s the deal: Clark is busily trying to nerd himself up before coming out to the public as the Blur so that no one mistakes one for the other. (Dumb! So dumb. No time to expound now.) Just as Clark’s complaining about his new life as a dork, a flashy new hero shows up in the form of Booster Gold. He saves a shy kid named Jaime from becoming a hood ornament, but instead of whooshing away like the Blur, he poses for pictures and autographs. Lois and Clark are immediately suspicious of him for no real reason. But, as is always the case on this show, their suspicions prove well-founded, as it’s revealed that Booster is a disgraced football star who traveled from the future in order to replace Clark as Metropolis’s favorite hero. His mettle is tested when Jaime ends up infected with an alien scarab and is transformed into the Blue Beetle. Sounds cute, right? Well, it’s actually really dangerous and tries to kill a bunch of people, including Booster. Booster only manages to save himself by spouting off some heroic platitude given to him earlier by Clark. Thus inspired, Jaime manages to get the Beetle under control and nobody is really hurt. Even Booster ends up realizing what it means to be a real hero and it seems like he and Clark will be friends now.

In the subplot, Cat and Lois are vying for the same promotion. Lois is busy trying to remind the public that the Blur is cooler than Booster, but she ends up getting the job. This is in addition to the seemingly full-time job she already has trying to keep Clark on his nerdy toes, but he finally realizes the disguise is a good idea. Or something. Stay tuned for the full recap!

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