smallville tom welling 320 'Smallville' recap: LazarusAs we rejoin the story where it left off last season on “Smallville,” Clark is mostly dead on the streets of Metropolis. He chats with Jor-El in a cornfield about fate and fighting evil and whatnot, then Lois pulls the blue Kryptonite dagger out of his body and he’s pulled back into the land of the living. He doesn’t see her do this, though, so the rest of their interactions this episode consist of Lois making hints and Clark not getting them. Meanwhile, Chloe is trying to figure out who abducted Oliver and instead of enlisting Clark’s aid, she puts on Dr. Fate’s helmet. She sees that Oliver will be fine (despite being tortured in the nude for a while) but also sees that one of Lex’s old projects, Cadmus Labs, is on fire.

Cadmus Labs turns out to be where Lex was growing a bunch of clones of himself to harvest for healthy body parts. Most of the clones went horribly, horribly wrong, as Tess Mercer finds out when she suddenly wakes up there with her face healed by the miracle of clone parts. She rescues an adorable little carrot-top clone named Alexander when one of the “bad” Lex clones escapes and sets everything on fire. This new Lex is sort of old and sick, but also pretty damn crazy and, bestowed with the real Lex’s memories, abducts Lois and strings her up like a scarecrow in the cornfield of Clark’s youth. Chloe directs Clark to the cornfield where he very nearly kills sick old Lex with his bare hands. Lex has set it up so that Clark has to choose between saving Lois and stopping an explosion in Metropolis. Clark, of course, saves everyone and goes so far as to brag to Jor-El about it. Jor-El’s like, “You’re a prideful, violent jerka**! Go away now! Also, a darker evil is coming! Again!”

Clark has some sort of hallucination/reverie and teqalks with the late, great Papa Kent, who spouts some familiar old platitudes at him and agrees with Jor-El about the impending new darkness. We get a glimpse of who/what it is, but nothing more. At the end, it turns out Oliver is safe because Chloe gives herself to Oliver’s abductors in exchange for the Green Arrow’s life. Lois, for some damn reason, decides to take Perry White up on that African job offer. Clark’s future Super-suit sits waiting for him in the Fortress, for a time when Jor-El’s not so annoyed with him.

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