smallville tom welling 320 'Smallville' recap: Marked MenOn “Smallville,” Lois is off in Africa, writing about an archaeological dig that’s being spearheaded by Carter Hall, a.k.a. Hawkman. For some reason, Clark has asked Carter to babysit Lois, even though she’s there for totally mundane purposes. Anyway, they each discover that the other knows about Clark’s powers and bond over the whole star-crossed lovers and destiny thing. Then there’s a weird moment where Carter mistakes Lois for his dead wife but it just means he’s about to be reincarnated soon.

Back home in Metropolis, Clark hems and haws about chasing after Lois, but he’s soon got his hands full with his new partner, Cat Grant. But she’s not that Cat Grant, as she’s quick to point out. What she is, though, is perky and pink and ever so hateful of vigilantes like the Blur. When someone fires a bullet into a very precise part of her car’s engine block, she’s convinced it’s for her anti-“hero” writings. When Clark finds markings on the bullet, he turns to Tess for an ID. She tells him about a much-feared and unnamed gunman that Checkmate was never able to track down. He was so good at hitting his targets that they nicknamed him Deadshot. Clark tries to protect her, but it’s really him Deadshot is after. Clark takes a bullet for Cat. It doesn’t hurt him, of course, but it marks him with an invisible skull emblem that will allow the Suicide Squad to track him.

Meanwhile, Oliver is trying to find Chloe. He searches her apartment for clues and confronts Tess after all digital records of Chloe Sullivan disappear. Tess says she’s not responsible, although she did help with the computer part. She trusts that Chloe has a plan. Oliver goes back to the brewery where he was tortured and is met by his torturer. The man shoots Oliver in the arm, and although it doesn’t harm him, it marks him as Clark was marked. The still-unnamed torturer tells Oliver that Chloe traded herself for Oliver, then ate a cyanide pill rather than answer their questions. But one of the things Oliver found in her apartment was a cyanide antidote, so he knows she’s still alive somewhere. Carter, too, is marked, not with a bullet but with a bowl of water… somehow. The woman who brought it to him is that annoying Plastique from a couple of seasons ago, so: ugh.

Throughout the whole episode, there’s much talk (as usual) of destiny and fate and anvils of that sort, as well as talk of whether it’s better as heroes to stay in the shadows or to come out into the light. Much of Cat’s early ranting about the “lifestyle” of vigilantes has many parallels to the homophobic diatribes of the ultra right-wing. Clark’s out and proud, though, and to prove it he puts on a bright red leather jacket instead. I’m undecided on the style, but at least it’s a step up from the Emo Blur outfit.

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