smallville tom welling 320 'Smallville' recap: Raiders of the Lost HeartRemember in the season premiere when Lois accidentally took the Isis amulet home with her from Cairo? Neither do I, but apparently she did and apparently the thing is cursed. Just when she decides to tell Clark that she knows he’s the Blur, she finds the amulet in her purse, holds it up to the sun and — whoosh! — the spirit of Isis possesses her. Clark finds her thus just as he’s about to confess the truth to her. His plans on hold, he and Oliver run around trying to track LoIsis, who herself is trying to find the canopic jar that contains her hubby Osiris’s heart. It doesn’t take long. Cat Grant shows up just in time to witness LoIsis using her new goddess powers and thinks Lois is really the Blur. When she goes to Tess to propose this as a story, Tess laughs in her face and then clears up all the evidence behind her back.

With heart in hand, LoIsis goes to restore it to Osiris’s body and bring him back to life. It will also unleash hell (the underworld) on Earth, but she figures that’s a small price to pay for true love. Clark disagrees and tries to stop her, but ends up trapped by LoIsis so she can use his hot body when she finds Osiris’s original body has disintegrated over time. Oliver and Clark get her spirit trapped back in the amulet through a combination of prolonged talking, marksmanship, and heat vision. It’s as complicated and hokey as it sounds. Once all the lovelorn Egyptian spirits are dealt with, the lovelorn Clark and Lois resume their Dance Around the Secret. Clark has decided not to tell her, after all, fearing it will endanger her, but then changes his mind when she tells him she’s willing to take the risk. So she finally finds out, and it’s in this otherwise blah episode.

In the subplots, Oliver is dealing with his newfound fame with a lot of pomp and circumstance, but realizes it’s just his way of trying to deal with Chloe’s loss. Tess is still taking care of Alexander, a path she decides to keep following against the advice of a doctor who thinks Alexander may be “unstable,” because she and the little guy love each other. Also, Oliver and Clark reluctantly welcome her to the Watchtower gang. Good idea? Bad idea? Probably a little bit of both. Stay tuned for the full recap.

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