smallville loisclark finale 'Smallville' recap: So Long, and Thanks for All the SuperThe framing device for the episode is Chloe, some seven years in the future, reading a comic book to a boy who seems to be her child with Oliver. It’s the story of Superman, although I don’t recall the moniker being mentioned outright. As she tells him the story, we move back seven years, which for us is the day after the previous episode. Lois is still determined not to marry Clark because he should be out there saving people instead. Clark cheerfully persists in believing the wedding will happen. Then, thanks to conversations with Chloe and Martha respectively, they sort of switch positions. They eventually read each other’s wedding vows, get on the same page and head for the chapel… where we get to hear them read their wedding vows in their entirety for a second time. Things grind to a halt when Oliver presents the bride and groom with the wedding bands. Unfortunately, they’re made of gold kryptonite. Fortunately, Chloe notices in time to keep Clark from losing his powers. Finally everyone realizes that Oliver’s been taken over by “the darkness,” but then Clark gives him a little pep talk and Oliver cries out Darkseid’s ooze and all is well.

Well, except for the gigantic planet that is now hurtling towards Earth. Darkseid’s planet Apokolips has been heading for the little blue marble because all the Omega symbols are drawing it… or something. Nobody notice this huge flaming rock ball in the sky because Oliver apparently disconnected the satellites. Also because people are just plain dumb. Tess tries to warn them all, but she gets abducted by Lionel so that he can give her heart to the Lex clone that’s been patched together out of a bunch of other Lex clones. Naturally, Tess fights back and fatally shoots Lionel. Before he completely dies, he makes a bargain with Darkseid to save Lex. Darkseid does so by ripping out Lionel’s heart and giving it to Patches.

Meanwhile, Clark is having talks with Martha (she’s pissed he’s selling the farm) and the very dead Jonathan Kent. There are admonishments and pep talks about the meaning of home and heroism and destiny. Clark is filled with doubt, but at some point everyone realizes Tess is in trouble so he goes looking for her. He winds up at the Luthor mansion where he runs into Lex. They have a weird talk about villains and friendship and Lex ends up giving Clark a sort of pep talk, too. It’s an evil pep talk, but it seems to have a positive effect on Clark. It’s like he’s powered by words as much as by the yellow sun. Clark is confronted by Darkseid, who has set up residence in Lionel’s corpse, and more talking ensues. Clark remembers something Jonathan told him about Jor-El and suddenly his mind or what passes for it is in the Fortress. Jor-El shows him flashes from when the show was better. Clark is inspired to finally (finally!) fly and flies right through Darkseid. This seems to get rid of him… somehow.

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