smallville collateral 320 'Smallville' recap: There Is No SpoonWhen last we saw our heroes on “Smallville,” they were having a post-funeral snooze in Egypt. The next thing we know, it’s weeks later and Lois has returned to Smallville, having been released by the government goons who were apparently responsible for their predicament. She’s been trying to track down Clark, but no one will admit to having him in custody. Then, out of the blue, he returns home without powers. The only thing he remembers is being experimented on… by Chloe.

Oliver, too, is released, but his memory of being seemingly tortured by the woman he loves sends him straight to the psych ward. Chloe materializes out of the wall to help him, which doesn’t exactly convince him of his sanity at first. Then she explains that he and the others are actually being held by the VRA and everything they see around them is a computer-generated reality, designed to block and manipulate their abilities. She created an avatar of herself to lead them to safety. Also, her avatar is a kick-ass fighter and handy with guns, too.

Oliver trusts her and follows her to the top of the Daily Planet building, from which they leap in order to pass through a midair portal back into reality. Clark is not as trusting when offered the same route to freedom. He has some heretofore unmentioned trust issues with the way Chloe left them, but then Lois gives him a pep talk about trust and faith or some such and together they take the plunge. (They also have a nice little flight around virtual Metropolis, which, you know, time is of the essence so hurry up.) Turns out Chloe is now in command of the Suicide Squad, having convinced/blackmailed them into working with her. They and the newly revived heroes fight off the VRA and Tess, entirely off-screen, works her magic at Watchtower so that the good guys can return to their normal lives. For the time being, anyway.

Dinah’s also in the mix, and quick to blame Chloe.

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