tomwelling 'Smallville' season 9: Your questions, our answers on Zod, Chloe, Lois, Clark & moreSmallville” fans, the time has come to kneel before Zod.

Yep, the iconic villain makes his debut in tonight’s ninth season premiere — which is pretty solid, do not forget to watch — and to honor the occasion, we’re answering a few of the burning “SV” questions you’ve sent our way…

“Smallville” hasn’t been the same since Lex left. The Doomsday stuff didn’t do it for me, but I’m a longtime fan and will never give up on the show. What do you think of Callum Blue coming on to play Zod? Will I be happy? -Mike
Blue certainly kicks off his arc with style, and it doesn’t take long before a whole group of his followers are indeed kneeling before him. Expect the guy to spend a good deal of time with Tess in the beginning… an interesting pairing, though it does seem that girl is always getting herself mixed up with major villains, doesn’t it?

Is Clark really giving up on his humanity in the new season of “Smallville”? I just can’t see that happening. -Carol
Clark will attempt to give up his human life and attachments in order to embrace his destiny. He will cut everyone off — including Chloe — to do some serious training with Jor-El. Our boy is in a very dark place, largely due to the death of Jimmy… though the return of Lois could be the eventual antidote.

ericadurance 'Smallville' season 9: Your questions, our answers on Zod, Chloe, Lois, Clark & moreSo Lois is in the future? Does that mean she’ll be out of the picture for a while? -Dana
Nope, the premiere picks back up with Lois returning to present day. Unfortunately for Ms. Lane, she has no clue where she’s been, what she was doing there or how much time has passed since she disappeared. But she’ll be even more confused when she starts having fragmented visions of what happened in the future… not only does a beloved character appear to be dead, but Lois also sees herself doing a little bump and grind with a certain someone.

LOIS & CLARK! LOIS & CLARK! Will the Lois and Clark relationship finally be explored this season? -Kat
Wait til you see episode two.

I love me some Chloe. Do you have any good news about the upcoming season for Chloe fans? The girl can’t seem to catch a break. -Liz
Well… Chloe does get to rock a really cool gun. And Emil does spruce up her new Watchtower headquarters with some snazzy equipment, but aside from that, things aren’t looking rosy. Sadly, it seems like Clark is causing much of her misery in the early part of this season.

justinhartley 'Smallville' season 9: Your questions, our answers on Zod, Chloe, Lois, Clark & moreAre we going to see Oliver on “Smallville” again? Justin Hartley is my reason for living. -Sig
Wow, high praise for Mr. Hartley. Wonderful. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that he’s not only in this evening’s opener, but he’s shirtless too. Of course, he’s still all angsty over Jimmy’s death, so to cope, he’s engaging in some underground fighting. How very Ryan Atwood of him, no?

I have to admit that I’m really curious to see Brian Austin Green on “Smallville” being all bad. Any scoop on him? -Mary
Yeah, you know, David Silver pulls off “bad” pretty good. But you’ll first glimpse his character John before he turns to the dark side. There may actually be a bit of chemistry between him and Lois while he’s a reporter at the Daily Planet. But it won’t last. He’s got some serious issues with our boy as “The Blur” and he’ll stop at nothing to satiate his need for revenge.

Oh, and by the way, for fans who are wondering why Clark can’t fly, it seems Clark is wondering as well and he’ll ask Jor-El what’s up pretty soon… so look forward to that too.

You pumped for tonight’s premiere?

-Additional reporting by Marisa Roffman

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