brian austin green smallvil 'Smallville': The bromance and Brian Austin GreenJohn Corben is back to terrorize “Smallville” as the red Kryptonite conveniently lowers Clark’s mood stabilizers once again.

The better (worse?) half of Megan Fox is back and in bad shape… so much that Team Tess tries to rebuild him. The problem is that Lois is undercover at the underground lab, and her cameo puts the kibosh on the self-sustaining heart he was about to receive. This does allow for John Corben to escape, and ultimately save Lois, after she inadvertently destroys the lab. It’s the next day before she gets the chance to save him from an aborted upgrade gone wrong. Meanwhile, Clark finds the lab (with help from Chloe), and proceeds to become infected with the red Kryptonite. Again.

Of course, the first person he has an issue with is Chloe. Clark confronts her at Watchtower over the Kryptonite stockpiles around the country, and then proceeds to knock her down and burn the “S” onto the wall. His next target is newly powered-up John Corben, but Zod swoops in to destroy him before the battle begins. The bromance becomes hot and heavy when the two share a tender moment at the Space Needle, then plunge Seattle into a freak snowstorm. From there, he makes another irrational decision in showing off the Fortress of Solitude. Red Kryptonite is a hell of a drug!

Lois arrives to find John Corben got better after the explosion. She offers to escort him (by bus) to a military base in South Dakota… except an agent for Tess completes the upgrade and transforms him back to his evil ways. Once Lois recovers from being drugged on the bus to Mount Rushmore, she goes and confronts Tess, (who is, unbeknownst to her, collaborating with Chloe). All this gets Lois in the end is chloroformed. You see, Miss Lane’s big mouth could very well spell the end of mankind, so it’s in Chloe’s and Tess’ best interest if she shut up and look like nothing more than a nutbag with a conspiracy theory.

Before Tess confronted Lois, she sent John Corben to the Fortress… except he wasn’t expecting the tag-team duo of Clark and Zod. They quickly freeze the threat, but Corben’s Kryptonian heart allows for him to bust through the ice which, as the chunks fall to the ground, dislodge the controlling chip form his neck. This allows him to kick Zod aside and evacuate the red Kryptonite from Clark.

In the end, Lois captured herself a good chunk of the red Kryptonite, much to Corben’s delight. That fades quickly when he realizes he has no chance of scoring with her. Zod and Tess share a tender moment after the bromance is revealed. Clark makes the requisite apology to Chloe, yet still can’t help but to think of his recent connection with Zod. Speaking of… Tess reveals a photo of Faora and Vala talking to Clark, which drives him to the point of cutting himself and draining his blood into a bowl for ALL the Kandorians to share!

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