Samwitwer_smallville_240Clark’s need to save the world every second of the day takes its toll on most of Smallville’s featured players, except for Lois who must be on special assignment. I love Erica Durance and all, but experiencing this week’s story without her presence made the story flow all the better.

These Spoilers have trust issues.

Chloe is conducting group therapy for the meteor kids. It’s good to see her helping pretty teens with problems. One outspoken character, Mary, takes on another troubled teen. Sensing she’s not feeling the love from the group, she storms off in a huff, only to be stalked by a phantom shadow. She makes a beeline for an alley, and when it’s too dark, she lights it up. Problem is as she’s walking; the shadow knocks her down and drags her into the dark, Jennifer Carpenter-in-Quarantine style.

By the way, did you know Zack and Miri were making a porno?

At the Daily Planet, Chloe laments her dinner and a movie idea to Clark… who is, not surprisingly, engrossed with the police radio. He hears a jewelry store robbery in progress and whooshes off… to find a mystery hooded fellow knocking the crap out of the manager. Clark knocks him through the window and into the street. Meanwhile a little boy is being harassed by two tween thugs when Clark whooshes in to save the day again. Then he’s off to the Ace of Clubs where some bad stuff most definitely went down. Clark goes to remove bricks from a victim who turns out to be Davis. Clark later questions him and he remembers nothing. Once Davis leaves, John Jones arrives out of nowhere posing as a detective. Clark whines that he was too busy saving others to save the club. A random cell phone seems to be the one and only clue.

Back at the Planet, Jimmy is hot on Clark’s case without him even knowing it. When he spots Clark holding the phone, Jimmy hooks it up to find mundane party footage until all hell breaks loose. Nothing definitive to see here…

Clark makes his way to Chloe’s where he attempts to find info to follow his hunch. As she’s being less than cooperative, he steals a glance from her sign-in sheet. She’s wondering why he’s being invasive all of a sudden and why her kids have to be the guilty party.

Meanwhile, Davis is at home showering off all the blood. He sulks into the corner of the shower, wondering what’s happening to him. The next day he arrives to the hospital and takes his own blood sample. He walks away, but is stopped by Jimmy who interrogates him. Jimmy wants nothing more than a ride along, but Davis initially hesitates. He only goes along with it because Jimmy invokes Chloe’s name.

At the Daily Planet, Clark and John go over the game plan. Seems he memorized the list of the meteor kids. John calls him on his über obsession to do good. Clark wonders what’s so wrong about saving everybody and everything. Business comes first as they discover five other similar instances… all with connections to Davis, as he was always first on the scene. Speaking of, he’s taking samples from dead guys fingernails when Chloe arrives, wanting the coroner’s report on Mary. He resists, but eventually spills that he might be the killer. I must say I didn’t see him confessing quite that quickly.

Once at Chloe’s, Davis tells of his reasoning, but Chloe doesn’t want to believe it. In her state of denial, she searches for proof otherwise. Davis truly believes Chloe was sent by a higher power to protect him. Apparently he’s been suffering from the blackouts since he was a kid. Chloe promises to find the real killer, even though she just hugged him!

The meteor kids are huddled around a makeshift memorial for Mary, The outspoken guy from earlier thinks their group is being targeted, but Chloe’s trying to keep them from losing control and doing something stupid. Seems a cop has been asking each of them questions. Coincidence?

At the hospital, Clark seems suspicious of Davis… going so far to break into his locker and find incriminating crime scene photos. Davis turns it around on Clark, suspecting him. Clark was never really good at being served back after he served himself. It’s so on!

Daily Planet. Clark is going through hospital files when Chloe arrives to grill Clark as to why he gave the names of the kids to the cops and betrayed her. The two throw down and have it out. Let’s just agree to disagree here. Clark gives her Davis’ chart and asks her to use her Brainiac powers to figure out what it means, and it’s right then when she determines Davis is the guilty party.

Jimmy arrives at the hospital, when Davis sneaks up behind him. Seems their ride along is on! In the ambulance, they get a call and speed to the scene to find a set of keys on the ground. Davis has Jimmy wait by the ambulance. Once in, the phantom shadow drags Davis into the dark. Jimmy goes to investigate…

… while at the same time, Clark and Chloe are tracking his ambulance and hear Jimmy’s distress call. Clark whooshes to the scene to find an emerging Davis in a battle with the phantom. Clark moves in with Jimmy in tow. The phantom surrounds the two of them and proceeds to takes Jimmy out. Before the phantom can inflict more damage, Clark heaves a car tire its way, taking it out. The great reveal shows that it’s not Davis but that it is indeed the outspoken meteor kid. He reminds me of a Poor Man’s Tom Cruise. Davis helps himself up and is hurt, but appears okay-ish.

The next day, Clark arrives at Chloe’s. Talk about awkward. He’s lost perspective, she’s stubborn… so what else is new? She reveals that since the start of high school, she’s profiled 327 of the meteor kids and has saved not a single one. Clark sees his situation a little better now.

Meanwhile, Davis sits outside a café when Chloe walks up. He profusely thanks her for believing in him and for all her help. He wonders aloud if she’s helping him only because of some secret attraction. Chloe up and leaves, determining they need to stay apart “for a while.”

At the Planet, Clark believes he was wrong about the phantom. John cautions him to be more careful about keeping his true identity secret. Jimmy arrives to ask John about the mysterious Good Samaritan. Being the good detective that he is now, he’ll gladly help him, but with more proof. Jimmy enthusiastically accepts the challenge.

In the end, the phantom kid gets a reprieve by an agent of Tess, recruited because he made page one, but mostly because Tess knows a good fixer-upper when she sees one. The agent knows the kid didn’t do all of the killings because a rosary was missing from one of the crime scenes. Wouldn’t you know it; we end with a shot of Davis getting in the ambulance with the rosary hanging from the rear view mirror.

Evil Davis! I still claim he’s not being entirely truthful about the blackout part of his story… but maybe that’s just me.

Next time on Smallville, Jimmy seems to get evidence that there may be more to Clark than meets the eye.

The misdirection of Davis to the rest of the gang… good job Davis or bad job everyone else for not keeping with that theory? Will Chloe eventually fall for Davis? Do you think John Jones as a detective will ultimately help or hurt Clark?

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