Allisonmack_smallville_s6_240 In “Smallville” this week, Clark is suspicious that Davis the Beast isn’t really dead. Chloe reassures him that Davis is dead, though she is currently hiding him in her basement and having sex dreams about him. Who does she turn to for help? The one-legged traitor himself, Felix Gaeta.

Chloe approaches Dr. Hamilton to find a cure for Davis because currently he can’t be away from Chloe’s calming presence or his beast goes nutso. With no assurance of a cure, Chloe agrees to run away with Davis that night.

Clark won’t let sleeping Doomsdays lie and goes to Oliver, informing him that Davis’s grave is empty and it looks like something clawed its way out. Clark says he’s going to research ending Doomsday and dispatches Oliver to keep Chloe safe from Doomsday’s obsession.

Jimmy’s drug subplot is to try to borrow money from Oliver for his “car repairs,” but Oliver sees right through the junkie’s clever ruse and offers to put him in rehab. Jimmy huffs off. When Oliver arrives at Chloe’s place to look for her, he surprises Jimmy stealing money from Chloe. Their confrontation is short-lived, however, as Davis the Beast attacks them both.

They awaken tied to some pipes in the basement. Davis reassures them that he’d never hurt Chloe because she saved him. They overhear Davis and Chloe’s plans to leave Smallville and Jimmy starts losing it, taunting Davis. He eggs Davis on, saying Chloe doesn’t love him and practically daring Davis to kill him. Davis starts to go all Caleb the Preacher on Jimmy but stops because he knows Chloe would never forgive him. He turns to Oliver instead but Clark rushes in to save the day, whisking Davis off.

Chloe blames herself for the beast emerging and tries to find Clark before it’s too late. Clark has taken Davis off to the Fortress of Solitude. Davis beasts-out at the idea that Chloe won’t be with him and a fight ensues.

Chloe shows up and stops the fight. She tells Clark he’d never forgive himself for giving up on Davis. Because Superman is good and true and light and puppies and unicorns and rainbows. Davis and Chloe teleport away.

Jimmy has Oliver searching for the beast, to no avail. Oliver advises Jimmy that maybe the beast he needs to be fighting isn’t “out there,” it’s [points to heart]. Not really, but he might as well have. Oliver then “hires” Jimmy and hands over his first paycheck. Way to enable, Oliver!

Clark uses the Watchtower to try to find Chloe and won’t listen to Oliver’s arguments that Chloe might actually be in love with Davis and that he won’t find her if she doesn’t want to be found. Oliver then says that Clark can’t save everybody and that eventually he’ll have to make the tough decisions because it’s what heroes do. Gag me.

Chloe calls him to let him know she’s okay and asks him not to try to find them. She insists that she’s protecting Clark by not letting him condemn Davis to a life as the beast, tells him that choosing the greater good is not a sacrifice and hangs up. I love the song playing, by the way. Anybody know what it is? Chloe and Davis drive off.

What do you guys think? Good episode? It was a little schmaltzy for me. Are we supposed to take away that every man just needs a good woman to calm his inner murderous rage? Hmmm.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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