Tvpartywd02Something this obvious probably doesn’t need to be said, but superheroes make the best party guests. Batman — elegant and charming. Aquaman — a witty conversationalist. Wonder Woman has a lovely singing voice. But none of them can hold a candle to Superman from Smallville, airing Thursdays on The CW. Young and attractive, Superman can keep the beer chilly with his cold breath and warm the fondue with his heat vision. If he didn’t keep disappearing every time that darned Clark Kent showed up, we could probably even get him to clean up after.

Setting the scene:
While the town of Smallville can be replicated in, um, a barn, try to make this a party to remember and turn your home into Superman’s ice castle. Shockingly, it’s not as hard as you think. You’ll need about $200 worth of iridescent cellophane and clear plastic wrap that you will fold and wrinkle into giant “crystals” covering all the walls. Then place floor-level pot lights behind them to give them the glow treatment. Furniture can be covered with shimmering white fabric from your local fabric store or from, and the floor should be ankle deep in shaved Styrofoam packing material. Turn down the heat and welcome everyone to the North Pole. Because Smallville doesn’t have the marketing wherewithal of the DC Comics legend, we suggest embracing some party items featuring the original character on napkins, plates, pinatas and banners to keep guests from thinking you’re shooting a Warren Miller film.

The nice thing about Smallville is that everyone is so nicely dressed you’d never guess they were capable of saving and/or destroying the world. Tell guys to wear an “S” T-shirt under their blazers and ladies to come dressed for either a night out — like Lana — or for work at The Daily Planet — like Lois.

On the menu:
Clark Bars.  While that should be plenty of nourishment, we suggest those thirsty enjoy Kryptonite drinks. You’ll think you can fly, but you’ll discover your powers are all gone.

On the hi–fi:
While you can find featured music on the Smallville Web site, the true fanatics will require the Superman movie soundtrack. And don’t forget Kryptonite by Three Doors Down.

The showstopper:
So just how much do you love “Smallville”? Enough to wrap your car in the image of Tom Welling? Visit and ask to have your vehicle wrapped in Welling’s head. The CW might even pay you for it!

Posted by:Michael Korb