smallville dwts 'Smallville's' Alan Ritchson: Tom Welling, superhero costumes and married lifeAt long last! It’s the highly anticipated reboot of Zap2it‘s Drinking With The Stars! (We promise it’s better than “Melrose Place 2.0.”)

Our own Jethro Nededog and yours truly, Carina Adly MacKenzie, met “Blue Mountain State” star and “Smallville’s” Aquaman, Alan Ritchson, at Eva Longoria’s Hollywood hotspot Beso for a drink or ten.

In Part One of our three-part series with Ritchson, we grilled him on his upcoming “Smallville” appearance. (Nothing like a little booze to get a guy talking, right?) He just got back from his trip to Vancouver, where he took to the beach as A.C. AKA Aquaman for the episode titled “Patriot,” which was directed by series star Tom Welling.

“He’s a phenomenal director and I enjoyed working with him,” Ritchson says. “Were you thinking I was going to say he sucked?”

Well, no, but that might sell a few more papers, right? Ritchson knows what we want: “I hate him enough as an actor. I hated him even more as a director. Every day it was like going to the dentist,” he jokes.

Welling knows “Smallville” inside and out and clearly takes his directing gig very seriously, but he also knows how to have a little fun. With all of Aquaman’s intense action scenes, it’s no surprise that Ritchson — a self-professed klutz — had a few awkward moments. Watch the video to hear Ritchson’s hilarious account of a very complicated scene.

“It’s like the least heroic thing you’ve ever seen, and Tom played that for everybody that came in for like the next three days,” Ritchson laughs. “Every actor, every producer, he was just like, ‘Hey, watch this! Watch this!’ If there are outtakes on the ‘Smallville’ DVDs, that would be on it.”

When Aquaman returns, you’re going to see a whole new side of him. Ladies and gentlemen, Aquaman has gone dark. “It opens on this guy who is dark. Costumes are dark… the set is dark. This guy is moody. You don’t know what’s come over him. You just see this world-weary guy who’s obviously been around trying to deal with this stuff.”

The pressures of being a superhero in a dangerous time have gotten to A.C., and he takes it upon himself to try to get Clark to join the fight full-time. “It’s weighty. It was really fun to play.”smallville alan ritchson 'Smallville's' Alan Ritchson: Tom Welling, superhero costumes and married life

Die-hard fans know that Ritchson, as Aquaman, was recently photographed in some new clothes… specifically, a black wetsuit, which replaced the traditional orange and green one. Let’s just say orange isn’t Ritchson’s color. “When I walked in and saw the orange and green on my rack, I threw up and I left,” he jokes. The suit is a symbol of his new attitude. “That’s it, man. He’s going stealth. He’s grown up.”

Also part of the grown up package – A.C. is married! His wife, Mera, is played by Elena Satine. “His wife knows more about him than he does. It’s one of those things where it’s like you meet somebody and you’re like, ‘”Where have you been my whole life? You complete me,’ and this is where the Tom Cruise moment comes in,” Ritchson says.

The Aquaman episode airs Friday, Nov. 19, at  8 p.m. EST on The CW. So what brings A.C. back to Metropolis? “I’ll just say this: it was the need for some cohesion on the part of the superheroes,” Ritchson says. Aquaman will team up with Clark (Welling) to save Oliver (Justin Hartley) from becoming a glorified lab rat in a testing facility.

Don’t miss the video below for more scoop, including dish on Aquaman using his powers to talk to dolphins.

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