sv cassidy 1021 'Smallville's Cassidy Freeman on Michael Rosenbaum's return: 'I'm thankful I got to spend time with him'The first time we spoke with “Smallville” star Cassidy Freeman, she expressed her hope that Michael Rosenbaum would return in the final season.  “I wonder what it would be like for Michael and I to be on screen together. It would be super-magical for me as an actor,” she said.

We’ll all get to judge for ourselves in the May 13 two-hour series finale event. “I did get to work with him,” Freeman confirms to Zap2it. “Everything I was ever told was the truth. He likes to break out in song. He’s a total sarcastic dude. He loves to make fun of people and he’s a riot. He’s really fun.”

That’s not to say she didn’t give him a hard time for holding out so long on finalizing a deal to come back as Lex Luthor. “I mean I obviously gave him the s*** he deserved, but I think he was expecting that,” she laughs. “We’d heard so much about each other that it was almost like we knew each other when we showed up, which was really cool and helped out with us trying to figure out how to work together. But I’m thankful, I’m thankful I got to spend time with him. He’s a really nice guy.”

In “Kent,” tonight’s brand new episode – the first in over a month – Freeman’s character, Tess, comes face to face with Clark Luthor once again. Clark Kent’s alternate-universe evil double certainly stirs things up for her. “It does get complicated. I think it always gets complicated whenever he shows up because it usually means trouble,” she says. “I think she’s pretty focused through all the manipulation and the like, trying to flirt your way in to someone’s good graces. I think she’s aware of it even though it might be difficult to choose the high road.”

The high road meaning not hooking up with her considerably attractive would-be bizarro stepbrother? She can’t help but be intrigued by his advances.

“I think intrigued is a really good word,” Freeman says. “I think she’s always been someone that held her cards super close and doesn’t like to give out too much information, even though she may be in her head, ‘I’m going with this plan and you can’t stop me,’ I think she’d be remiss if she didn’t throw out ideas that maybe he could convince her if only. That’s like a bargaining tool. I think they’re a really great match for one another because they’re both very manipulative and it’s nice to feel wanted.”

After three years on the iconic series, Freeman is still coming to terms with the mixed emotions that coincide with the finale — just as fans are. “It’s funny because I felt like it was over when I was in my car, full of my life, and driving back to Los Angeles. Then I was here and I’m like, ‘It’s over.’ Then I got home and all of this stuff started gearing up for tonight’s episode, and I realized it’s going to end all over again for me! I’m going to go through that emotional experience all over again, which I don’t know, I guess I’m looking forward to. It feels over in my body, but I think it’s going to be really, really fun to get to watch these last six episodes. I’ll probably watch them with my brother and just have a fun time.”

As for that epic finale that we’re all so anxious to see, Freeman says that she’s extremely happy about where her character concludes. So much so, in fact, that she called producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders immediately after reading the script to gush a bit. “I’m very happy with it and if I wasn’t happy with it, I wouldn’t say I’m very happy with it,” she laughs. “I would just not say anything.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie