cassidy freeman rosenbaum s 'Smallville's' Cassidy Freeman to Michael Rosenbaum: 'Get over here!'“Smallville’s” final season begins tonight, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m., and even the most casual viewer won’t want to miss its last-ever first episode. Though the episode is chock-full of Lex Luthor, it is missing one crucial player — the original Lex, Michael Rosenbaum. Fans are crossing their fingers that they’ll see Clark’s (Tom Welling) true nemesis once again before the series ends this spring.

“So am I,” says Cassidy Freeman, whose character Tess took over for Lex after Rosenbaum left the show in Season 7. “So I can smack him.”

When Zap2it met with Freeman on the show’s set in Vancouver — we actually conducted the interview in the now-iconic Kent barn — she told us that she’d never even met Rosenbaum. “I wonder what it would be like for Michael and I to be on screen together. It would be super-magical for me as an actor,” she says. She leans in toward our audio recorders. “Michael, are you listening? Get over here!. It’s about damn time!”

If Rosenbaum doesn’t return to reach his full evil potential, Freeman is ready to step up to the challenge. “If Clark is going to
be super good, then something needs to be super bad, and it may or may not be me. If it was, that would be cool,” she says.

Tess’s life hung by a thread in the Season 9 finale, and even Freeman worried about her future on the show. “I thought for about 20 minutes that I was out of a job,” she laughs, before executive producer Kelly Souders reassured her that Tess lives on. Of course, given her injuries, there was always the possibility that she’d live on without half of her face.

“I was actually kind of excited that I would be in half a face all
season, but then I remembered that I was on The CW,” she jokes, “and that was never
going to happen. It’s fun to be kind of
different and to not have to worry about looking really pretty all of
the time. But yeah. The makeup hours would have been awful.”

The end of the series is as bittersweet for Freeman as it is for fans. “I feel super lucky to have been a part of this at the end. I can’t
imagine what people like Tom or even Erica and Justin are going through.
But, to be a part of it, it feels really special,” she says.

Check back with Zap2it after tonight’s jaw-dropping premiere episode to hear more about Tess’s arc for this season. For now, we’ll just say she’s got a big responsibility on her hands, and we’re dying to know how she’ll manage it.

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Photo Credit: The CW

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie