Justinhartley2_smallville_s6_240 With the departure of Smallville series regulars Lex and Lana, a couple other characters will be stepping up to the plate this season including Mr. Oliver Queen (aka the Green Arrow). According to Justin Hartley (pictured left), who we ran into at the CW TCA party last week, he’s scheduled to appear in at least 12 episodes which will most likely be spread throughout the season.

Justin said this will be a year where we learn more about Oliver’s past and get some of his back-story. “It’s not just going to be him saying, ‘well, this is what happened, let me tell you all about it,’ and have it all be talk," he told us. "We’re going to actually see it [in the form of flashbacks].”

But what about his future? Oliver might begin questioning that very thing. “The whole series has been about Clark growing into his powers and trying to accept his destiny,” Justin explained. “In the past, Oliver has been the one who has been like, ‘Come on man, step up’ and Clark has been more hesitant. Now, Clark will be more accepting of things and Oliver will be saying, ‘Whoa, let me take a step back.’ They’ve almost switched their positions on [embracing their destinies].”

As far as Oliver’s personal life, it seems like he’ll have his hands full. “I’m getting a new love interest!,” Justin shared. The role has not yet been cast, but they’re currently looking for Oliver’s lucky lady. Still, Justin said his relationship with Lois is not dead. At least, that’s what he’s hearing.

How will this impact his relationship with Lois’s future soul mate, Clark Kent? Might they come to blows? Hartley hopes not: “I’m pretty sure my even my wife would bet against me [in a fight between Green Arrow and Superman]!”

-Reporting by Marisa Roffman

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh