megan hilty katharine mcphee smash finale nbc 'Smash' finale drops a real 'Bombshell'   several of them actuallyThe “Smash” Season 1 finale answers the question that’s been plaguing viewers since Rebecca Duvall (Uma Thurman) exited the “Bombshell” stage — who is playing Marilyn Monroe? And it’s the answer lots of folks have been hoping for since Karen and Ivy were both called back for the lead role in the workshop.

Derek (Jack Davenport) selects Katharine McPhee’s Karen Cartwright to take the stage as Marilyn when “Bombshell” debuts with a brand-new, less-depressing ending.

“I see her — in my head,” Derek says to Ivy (Megan Hilty). “She just has something that you don’t.”

A look at the other bombshells dropped in the Season 1 finale:

Ellis (Jaime Cepero) admits to poisoning Rebecca with peanuts and gets fired. In one of the more expected plot developments, Ellis comes clean as the culprit that sent Rebecca to the hospital — a move he thinks deserves him a producer credit for the musical. Eileen (Anjelica Huston) surprises him by firing him instead. Ominously, he says she hasn’t heard the last of him.

Ivy tells Karen that she slept with Dev (Raza Jaffrey). In an attempt to throw Karen off her game, Ivy leaves Karen’s “lost” engagement ring on her dressing room table and then confesses to having been with Dev. But the plan backfires when Derek gives his new leading lady a pep talk, convincing her to channel her hurt and rage into the role of Marilyn.

Julia (Debra Messing) might be pregnant?! She throws up from what she believes is nerves about the show, but she drops a not-so-subtle bit of foreshadowing for next season (we think) when she says, “I think the last time I threw up I was pregnant with Leo.” The comment may have just been a throwaway, but if she is pregnant, we have a hunch about who the daddy might be …

Michael (Will Chase) tries to kiss Julia. She rebuffs his advances and wrongfully blames Tom (Christian Borle) for everything. But is there still a spark between these two? Maybe, particularly since Michael’s wife has left him and Julia might be pregnant with his baby.

Ivy attempts suicide — maybe. During the new “Bombshell” closing number as Karen is solidifying her spot as a show-stopping Marilyn, we see Ivy sitting in the dressing room pouring an entire bottle of pills into her hand. We don’t see her take them, but based on her erratic actions all season, we wouldn’t put it past her.

Did the finale get you excited for Season 2?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper