karen derek smash nbc 'Smash': If 'Marilyn' needs a star, what does 'Smash' need?Monday’s (March 26) episode of “Smash” ventured into bizarre territory with Derek (Jack Davenport) and his “Matrix” coat going behind Julia (Debra Messing) and Tom’s (Christian Borle) backs with Eileen (Anjelica Huston) to produce a modern-day, techno-driven version of “Marilyn,” complete with Karen (Katharine McPhee) writhing around on a bed and providing the vocals while OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder provides the tunes.

But the secretive “Thoroughly Modern Marilyn” reimagining of the musical after potential investors’ cool reception to the workshop wasn’t the only baffling element in the episode — the first since NBC announced that “Smash” had been renewed for a second season.

Other head-scratchers from “The Coup”:

  • Eileen’s daughter, Katie (Grace Gummer), sweeping into her mom’s life for the day to remind her of the true meaning of Christmas creating a Broadway show, hold a summit between her parents to settle their financial differences, and redecorate her mom’s new pad before heading off to Alaska to count wild salmon.
  • Julia looking upset that Michael (Will Chase) has decided he made a
    mistake by having an affair with her and is rededicating himself to his
    family — despite the fact that she ended things with him.
  • Dev’s (Raza Jaffrey) entire storyline in this episode — did he release
    the Anthony Weiner-style pics of his competition or not? And with what
    results? Did releasing them just entail giving them to that one guy he works with?
  • The scene between Derek and Tom after the contemporary Marilyn
    performance, complete with Derek’s random references to gay men followed
    by Tom’s revelation that Derek’s dad was sleeping with some male
    theater reviewer who had given Derek a positive review.
  • Ellis’ (Jaime Cepero) realization that he wants to become a Broadway producer — despite the fact that he doesn’t know what they do.

Next week: Ivy (Megan Hilty) returns to the chorus of “Heaven on Earth”
— where she takes a fall — Karen books a commercial, Derek (possibly)
walks away from “Marilyn,” and Frank finds out about Julia’s affair.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper