smash-season-2-megan-hilty-katharine-mcphee-smash-finale-nbc.jpgLooks like NBC’s “Smash” is making room for more new faces. According to TVLine, in addition to new show runner Josh Safran, the show is casting for three new series regulars.

The new characters are as follows:

– Courtney, an African-American chorus member in her mid- to late-20s with a strong voice. She is “incredibly attractive and confident, but also open-minded and non-judgmental.”

– Danny, a straight, working-class Brooklynite in his mid-20s. He is “sexy, charismatic and musically gifted, but also self-destructive and remote.” Those auditioning must have the skills to sing in a rock and/or soul style.

– Joe, a Brooklyn-born guy in his early to mid-20s. He is “gay, very cute, incredibly open and optimistic.”

Any ideas for casting? How do you think the new folks will play into any of the Season 1 cliffhangers? 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper