debra messing smash upfronts 'Smash' Season 2: Debra Messing and Leslie Odom Jr. theorizeIf it were up to Leslie Odom Jr., the second season of “Smash” will focus on a new character as Marilyn — chorus member Sam. “They write a new musical for Sam, it is called ‘Let ME Be Your Star,'” he jokes to Zap2it on the red carpet at the NBC upfront presentation in New York City on May 14.

In all seriousness, Debra Messing has a few wishes for her character, “Bombshell” composer Julia: “I would like to see things lighten up a little bit for Julia. She’s been through the wringer — a lot of crying, so I think it would be great if there was reason to laugh a little bit.”

A fair request. Messing says she’d also like to work with one of the many talented “Smash” cast members she hasn’t gotten to act alongside just yet. “It’s a big ensemble, so being able to interact with other actors in the cast that I haven’t been able to act that much with” would be great, she says.

She’d also like to see Julia and her partner, Tom, “do the work that collaborators do, because it is really fascinating.”

Speaking of Tom, he and Sam seemed like they were on solid ground as the first season ended, but Odom says he’s not sure how long they’ll stay that way. “I worry about them just like everybody else,” Odom confesses. “I like them together. I think they’re a good match.”

But they won’t be without their troubles, Odom theorizes. “They’re
really sweet together. I mean, eventually, you know, that gets boring to
watch. Nobody wants to watch a happy couple on TV so I’m sure they’ll
take their hard knocks too. But right now, I’m liking them together.”

Lest you forget “Smash” is a musical, Messing says there’s something else she’d like to see in Season 2: “of course, singing and dancing — that’s the bread and butter of the show. It’s my favorite part!”

Posted by:Jean Bentley