smash ellis boyd jaime cepero season 2 nbc 'Smash' Season 2: Ellis will return... somehow

Is Ellis really going to return to “Smash” when the musical-theater drama returns for season 2? Most fans were elated to learn that this most despised of characters was done after a single season. So how does Ellis Boyd (Jaime Cepero) make his return?

The answer may lie in the past.

Josh Safran, the new “Smash” showrunner was quoted by TVLine as saying, “Ellis may return, but not necessarily in the present.”

Assuming that “Smash” isn’t going all sci-fi on us with a jump to the future, a non-present appearance indicates that Ellis will be seen in some past event. Will there be flashbacks? Dream (or, in this case, nightmare) sequences? Will we see the man as an assistant again, or does he have some other role to play.

The character of Ellis was one of many aspects of “Smash” that was changed after the end of its first season. After a long hiatus, the show will return to NBC on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

But will the viewers return if Ellis plays any part of this upcoming season 2?

Posted by:Laurel Brown