“Smash” finally returns to NBC on Tuesday, February 5, with its two-hour Season 2 premiere — but you can watch the first episode “On Broadway” right now, right here on Zap2it. Watch the full episode in the player above.

“On Broadway” marks the first episode with former “Gossip Girl” executive producer Josh Safran at the helm. Last week, he told reporters that while he did make a few significant changes to the show, most notably adding some younger cast members to the mix, he hopes it still feels like the “Smash” you loved in Season 1.

“I don’t really think it’s changed that much,” says Safran. “I think that the stuff from last year that you loved is still there, and the stuff from last year that maybe some people thought … went off on tangents, we looked at and we sort of tried to find a way to circle back together. It still is the same ‘Smash,’ just maybe bigger, more music, sort of a little bit, maybe, younger in some regards, some of our new cast members. I hope the people who watch it still see the same show that they loved.”

Another fun new aspect of the show is the introduction of a new “Rent”-style off-Broadway musical, which Jeremy Jordan’s character is writing. It’s a bit more pop- and rock-driven than “Bombshell,” which allows for some refreshing new songs original to “Smash.” In fact, Safran promises much more than the usual one original song per episode we saw last season.

“We do have more original music, more musical sequences per episode, more diverse musical styles, which we thought was really sort of an amazing way to sort of utilize Broadway,” Safran confirms. “When you look at Broadway right now, there’s shows that take place in the 1800s. There’s shows that are today. It really is a bigger world view, and I just wanted to sort of find a way to represent that Broadway on ‘Smash’ as well.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie