katharine mcphee megan hilty smash nbc 'Smash': Uma Thurman's out as Marilyn Monroe    who should replace her?Some nut has it in for Rebecca Duvall (Uma Thurman) on Monday’s (May 7) “Smash,” and he or she knows just how to get to Rebecca — through her kale smoothie.

After a less than stellar reception during the Boston preview (really? nobody was clapping?), “Bombshell” star Rebecca is feeling pretty low, but she’s about to feel even worse once she takes a sip of a nut-tainted smoothie, which sends her to the hospital with an allergic reaction. And her agent thinks someone poisoned her on purpose.

Elsewhere, Ivy’s (Megan Hilty) secret rendezvous with Karen’s (Katharine McPhee) boyfriend, Dev (Raza Jaffrey), surely can’t stay secret for long — especially since he lost Karen’s engagement ring during their tryst. Ivy tells him she can’t find the ring, but somehow we have a sneaking suspicion she — or someone else — may be keeping it as her ace in the hole.

Julia (Debra Messing), meanwhile, puts all the blame for Michael Swift’s (Will Chase) return to “Bombshell” and her family’s ensuing discomfort squarely on the shoulders of Tom (Christian Borle) — despite the fact that it was her decision to have an affair. Church (sorta) brings them back together, but Julia’s blame game still leaves us with an icky feeling.

Rebecca makes a full recovery after the peanut incident, but she’s too scared to return to the show, leaving a gaping hole in the cast. But who should fill it: good, sweet understudy Karen or experienced, devilish diva Ivy? And who do you think is behind the peanut poisoning?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper