uma thurman 2012 2 gi 'Smash': Uma Thurman's pregnancy means no 'Marilyn' for herWith all of the cattiness flying between Karen (Katharine McPhee) and Ivy (Megan Hilty) on NBC’s “Smash,” the scene is ripe for another actress to swoop in and steal the role of Marilyn out from underneath both of them. However, according to E! Online’s Watch with Kristin, that person won’t be Uma Thurman, who confirmed Monday (Feb. 27) that she’s pregnant with her third child, due this summer.

Thurman has signed on for a five-story arc, playing a movie star who wants the role of Marilyn, but here’s what Kristin Dos Santos says: “Since she’s not a series regular, and now, she’s gonna be, ya know, with child and all, the role will go back to either Ivy or Karen.”

Ivy or Karen??? Meaning it’s definitely not in the bag for Ivy!

Who do you think should play the iconic Marilyn on “Smash”? 

Update: We got some clarification from Kristin on Uma’s role. Turns out the pregnancy didn’t change anything per se with Uma’s spot on “Smash” — it’s more just an insurance policy for Ivy and Karen that she won’t be sticking around long-term, past her five-story arc. So there you have it.
Posted by:Jennifer Harper