smash hell on earth nbc 'Smash': Up is down in 'Hell on Earth'After an odd episode last week, NBC’s “Smash” kept the weirdness coming in an episode Monday (April 2) that may as well have been titled “Up is Down.” Eileen (Anjelica Huston) puts a fire under Derek (Jack Davenport) by pretending to replace him, and Ivy (Megan Hilty) loses it on stage during “Heaven on Earth” after snorting some of her meds. But those weren’t even the strange parts.

A look at the more bizarre moments from “Hell on Earth”:

  • Tom’s (Christian Borle) boyfriend, John (Neal Bledsoe), is a republican. But he’s not just a republican — he’s a republican that hosts republican events for his republican former roommate (or maybe “roommate”) who’s running for office. Yet Tom didn’t know this about him.  

  • Julia’s (Debra Messing) husband, Frank (Brian d’Arcy James), finds out about the affair — from some sheet music on her bedside table. And he celebrates by sitting down at the piano to play and sing a few bars.

  • Karen (Katharine McPhee) lands a national orange juice commercial that’s shot almost entirely using computer-generated imagery, which is weird in itself but also lends the question, why didn’t they just computer generate the star?

  • Ellis (Jaime Cepero), who’s apparently straight, puts out for Rebecca Duvall’s (Uma Thurman) male agent to get her to put “Marilyn” at the top of her list, and he somehow thinks this earns him a co-producer credit for the show.

  • Karen and Ivy are now best friends after getting drunk after Ivy’s fall from “Heaven” and singing Rihanna’s “Cheers (Drink to That)” in Times Square.

  • After racking their brains for a title for the musical, Tom and Julia settle on “Bombshell” — what’s so wrong with “Marilyn”?

Next week, Uma makes her debut as starlet Rebecca Duvall who sweeps in to take the role of Marilyn away from Ivy and Karen. Obviously, though, she won’t succeed for long, since her arc only lasts for five episodes.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper