smash-hit-list-live-performances.jpgBack when NBC was about to launch “Smash” and hoping/expecting it would become a big hit, there was talk about turning its on-screen musical “Bombshell” into a real-world show.

“Smash” is no more, and the “Bombshell” idea has gone away too. But “Hit List,” the other Broadway show featured in Season 2 of “Smash,” is in fact making the leap from screen to stage.

54 Below, a supper club and performance space in New York, will present two performances of “Hit List” on Dec. 9. “Smash” cast members Jeremy Jordan and Andy Mientus, who played the writers of “Hit List” on the show, and Krysta Rodriguez, the in-show “Hit List” star, will star in the live show. “Smash” Season 2 showrunner Joshua Safran, writer Julia Brownell and 54 Below’s Jennifer Ashley Tepper are presenting it.

The live show also means an audience will get to see the plot of “Hit List,” much of which didn’t make it into “Smash.” Per 54 Below, the show is “a modern fable about identity and the price of fame [that] tells the tragic love story of a wannabe pop singer who transforms herself to become a star and the hidden songwriter she uses to get there — but at what cost?”

The live performances will include songs featured on “Smash” as well as others that were intended for the show but didn’t make it on air. Here’s a sampling of some of the “Hit List” songs that did air on “Smash”:

Posted by:Rick Porter