million dollar drop 320 Smokey The Bear: Key to $240,000 on 'Million Dollar Money Drop'Which one of these advertising icons is the oldest: Ronald McDonald, Smokey the Bear or The Trix Rabbit? That was the sixth question on the Dec. 22 episode of “Million Dollar Money Drop” on Fox that secured a couple $240,000 dollars. Do you know the answer? You should if you read the headline for this article.

The answer was Smokey the Bear, who was first introduced to the public
via a poster on Aug. 9, 1944. Smokey is 66 years old and is the most
recognized image of the US Forest Service, helping to prevent forest
fires. Trix Rabbit is the Jane Brady of the trio at  53 years-old,
while Ronald McDonald is the baby at the ripe old age of 47.

If the Google Trends rankings are any indication, most game-show
watchers cheated as Smokey the Bear, Ronald McDonald and Trix the
Rabbit are all in the top 20. In case you haven’t watched, here’s the
premise: Teams of two are handed a
million dollars in cash at the beginning of the game and then asked to
on multiple-choice trivia questions. If they placed money on a wrong
answer, it literally dropped through a trap door never to be seen again. The show is hosted by comedian Kevin Pollak.

Are you hooked on “Million Dollar Money Drop” like so many Google Trend-ers?


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